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ECommerce platforms like Shopify offer a gamut of features that can help businesses to launch their online stores.

There are other platforms out there, but the level of customizations & functionalities that Shopify offers is unparalleled. Here are some amazing Shopify statistics for you:

  • In 2019, Black Friday sales on the Shopify eCommerce platform reached a whopping USD 1.5 Billion.
  • Shopify Merchants enjoy a YOY average growth of around 126%.
  • Shopify takes security very seriously & that’s why they have paid almost USD 850,000 to more than 300 ethical hackers. This is to resolve any security-related issues.

No wonder why Shopify is the preferred eCommerce Platform for most online businesses. However, this is just one side of the story. Let’s understand why Shopify store owners need to leverage a mobile application.

Why is a Shopify Mobile App Important for Your Business?

Here is an interesting fact that will help you understand the significance of mobile apps:

“The Global Mobile Application Revenue Generated in 2019 amounted to around USD 462 Billion”

Mobile apps have become a rage among people. This is because mobile phones & its technology has witnessed an amazing evolution. Smartphones came into the picture & with them arrived mobile apps. Although initially, these apps were not that useful.

But with the proliferation of mobile phones, companies found out about the potential of useful mobile apps & hence they created them and witnessed huge revenues. Similarly, Shopify store owners can turn their online store into an easy-to-use mobile app & witness a gamut of benefits. 

Why Should You Create a Shopify Mobile App?

  1. Excellent Performance

Native mobile apps created for specific mobile operating systems like iOS & Android leverage the hardware capabilities of the smartphone to deliver excellent performance.

Some of the hardware features that a smartphone can use are:

  • GPS – for location-based personalized recommendations.
  • Camera – For giving product reviews, AR & VR Capabilities.
  • Microphone – For seamless navigation via voice assistants.
  • Maps – An intuitive way to help customers to locate your offline store. 

  1. Enhanced User Experience

One of the biggest benefits of developing a mobile app for your Shopify store is the ability to offer a clean UI which translates to excellent user experience.

Developing mobile apps traditionally (code writing, testing, bug fixing) is a tedious process, however, you can leverage an easy-to-use mobile app builder for Shopify that is essentially a No-code platform.

Such No-code platforms enable even laymen to build a mobile app & incorporate attractive & intuitive design elements that can help customers to enjoy using your Shopify app. You can add simple options like “share on Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter” that will nudge customers to share your products with their friends & family members.

  1. Better Customer Engagement

By offering an easy-to-use mobile app, you virtually set up your store in the customer’s smartphone. So whenever a customer feels like it, they will unlock their smartphone & check out your products.

You can leverage powerful features like smart banners & push notifications to showcase your products & notify customers about upcoming deals/offers. This will streamline customer engagement & build anticipation for flash sales & other exciting offers.

  1. Improved Brand Awareness

You don’t have to go the traditional way by investing in big billboards or banners. A small yet effective mobile app for your Shopify store can do much more than traditional marketing techniques.

As we saw in the previous point, a mobile app acts as a virtual store. With simple integrations like share on social media platforms, reviews & ratings, your Shopify business can enjoy enhanced brand awareness among customers.

Difference between a Mobile Website & Mobile App

  • Mobile friendly-websites are a great way to attract customers, but with a Shopify mobile app, you can convert first-time users into loyal customers.
  • Mobile websites can tend to be complex as users need to open their browser & search for your website. On the other hand, one simple tap on your Shopify app lets customers check out your products within seconds.
  • Mobile websites are rigid when it comes to user engagement. However, with a mobile app, customer engagement is boosted due to push notifications, smart banners & mobile deep linking.

This is why you should create a mobile app for your Shopify Store.

If you are feeling overwhelmed thinking about creating a mobile app, then there is an easy way – Storifi. This is a powerful mobile app builder for Shopify that helps you to leverage amazing features like drag & drop, unlimited editing & real-time preview and create a beguiling yet feature-rich mobile app for Shopify in minutes.

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