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A mobile e commerce application helps online stores & businesses to connect users directly to their brand. This helps customers to readily check out your products & make purchases. Let’s look at some amazing benefits of eCommerce mobile apps & things to keep in mind while developing them.

Exciting Benefits of a Mobile E Commerce Application

  1. Excellent Brand Recognition

If you go on to a mobile app store – be it Google or Apple, you will notice new apps popping up every single day. Reason? People are increasingly spending their time on smartphones and mobile apps.

So, if you build a mobile app, it will not only help you get more customers but also improve your brand image. Consumers will readily associate with your business just because you offer an easy-to-use mobile app. If you go the extra mile to integrate some useful features and a seamless navigational experience, then customers will surely stick to your brand for a long time.

  1. Improved Conversions

Mobile apps are helping online stores to enjoy improved conversion rates. Why?

A mobile e commerce application is very easy-to-use as compared to desktop or mobile websites. It offers seamless user experience due to amazing features like recommended products, one-click ordering, recently viewed items and more. These nudge customers to not only check more products but eventually buy some which result in enhanced conversion rates.

  1. Provide Enhanced Business Value

Build a mobile app and leverage it to make your customers feel special. But you might ask, how can someone do that?

It’s pretty simple. Integrate reward points into your mobile app so that whenever a customer makes a purchase he/she will get some points. They can then use such points for future purchases. You can also include cashback, vouchers, one-time discounts and special deals to offer excellent business value to your customers via a mobile application.

  1. Better Customer Engagement

Recent studies point out that an average person spends close to 3 hours/day on their mobile device. These numbers increase for Gen-Z and Millennials.

All you need to do is build a mobile app & deploy it. Once a customer installs it in his/her mobile phone, the mobile app will act as a virtual store showcasing all of your latest & greatest products.

By integrating Social Media Sharing, Ratings & Reviews, you can easily improve and get your customers hooked to your mobile app which in turn will enhance customer engagement.

  1. Push Notifications

You can seamlessly send out instant alerts about product purchases, current/upcoming deals, special offers, sales & more with the help of push notification features. This will help your customer stay updated about the latest activities(sales/discounts/offers) of your eCommerce store.

What Should You Consider While Developing Mobile Apps?

  1. Pick The Right Mobile OS

Right now, Android & iOS are the two major mobile operating systems that are being used in mobile devices all over the world. 

While android is a great open-source platform, it lacks robust security features. But, if you integrate additional security layers, then android can be your go-to mobile OS.

On the other hand, iOS is a closed system i.e. it boasts of excellent security features. However, apps sizes tend to be large and it doesn’t offer widget support. So, it boils down to your preference for a particular mobile OS.

  1. Offer Clean & Intuitive UI

A clean & intuitive UI translates to seamless user experiences. So, you need to take time & special care while designing your eCommerce mobile app. Things like cart icons, menu bars, checkout pages & others must be designed properly to offer seamless app navigation to customers.

  1. Integrate Amazing Features

An eCommerce mobile app is incomplete without some great features. You can incorporate product recommendations, upselling products during checkout, recently viewed products, order tracking & more.

  1. Analyse your Competitor Offerings

Before you launch your eCommerce app on the app store, conduct thorough research about what your competitors are offering. If you see some features or design elements that you can integrate into your mobile app, then simply do it to offer a wholesome experience to your users.

  1. Make sure to effectively Target your Audience

Simply developing a mobile app will not do any wonders. You need to build a mobile application that targets a specific user base. This will ensure that you offer relevant content & products to your customers. This is why eCommerce websites need to build a mobile app in 2021. If you are planning to develop an eCommerce app for your Shopify store, then you must check out Storifi. It is an easy-to-use mobile app builder that lets you create a beguiling Shopify Mobile App within minutes.

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