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Mobile applications are proving to be a boon for large enterprise & online businesses like Shopify stores. The primary reason for this is the accelerated penetration of mobile apps on smartphones & increased usage of such apps.

Naturally, online store owners & businesses invest capital in mobile app development to tap into the market & improve their sales. However, traditional mobile app development has its own set of challenges. Businesses need to hire skilled workers for code-writing, app testing & publishing. But, this is just the tip of the iceberg. These professionals need to work in tandem & ensure that there are no critical bugs that can hamper the app functionality. The entire process takes months which means your business has to wait for a long time to start getting customers. But, hold on, isn’t there a simpler way to accelerate mobile app development? Of course, there is! 

With the advancement in technologies, life became easier & so did the mobile app development process. Businesses can now use a simple Mobile App Builder & its exciting features to create amazing mobile apps for their Shopify store. Read on to know about why businesses should prefer a Shopify mobile apps builder as compared to the traditional mobile app development process for their Shopify store.

Why is a Shopify Mobile App Important for Business?

Nowadays, mobile apps are trending in the market. Every online store is opting for a mobile app to expand its business. But, why so much craze about a mobile app?

Well, it’s pretty much simple. Customers prefer brands that provide a personalized shopping experience. Reports state that if a customer visits a website & doesn’t like its loading speed, design or products, he/she leaves the website within a matter of seconds. 

But, with a mobile app, the whole scenario changes. By leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud services, app usage & other technological solutions, a mobile eCommerce app can push alerts or remind customers that they have a pending purchase. Since consumers carry their mobile phones everywhere, they can readily check these notifications. Interestingly, they will most likely complete their purchase which maximizes sales & income generation for online stores.

Why should businesses prefer a Shopify Mobile App Builder?

An eCommerce mobile app builder doesn’t need a professional app developer or tester to develop an app. Any person who wants to create a mobile app can easily use the app builder & build an app within a few minutes. Here are a few reasons why online stores or businesses should choose a mobile app maker for Shopify store:

A Mobile Apps Builder Facilitates Easy App Creation

With a simplistic mobile app creator, users can seamlessly create apps within minutes. Use the drag & drop feature to simply add functions, designs or themes to your app. The best part is you need not write extensive codes or undertake lengthy testing to find out any bugs or critical fixes. Just drag & drop the features that you like and that’s it!

Easily Edit & Update Features

With the unlimited editing feature, you need not worry about committing mistakes. While creating an app, if you come across any features that are not looking good or don’t work properly, simply remove them or replace them with new e-commerce mobile app features. If you don’t like the color scheme or theme, change it within a few seconds. But if you had to do the same thing via a traditional mobile development process, it takes hours or even days which eats up your time & resources. You can clearly see the advantage of using a mobile app maker for eCommerce businesses.

Choose from a range of colors & themes for your app

Leverage the intuitive dashboard of the app builder to customize colors of your application’s primary, accent & icon colors so that they can seamlessly match your brand. You can also update the global primary & secondary colors along with brand logos, menu backgrounds & cart icons as per the business requirements.

Seamlessly Preview your mobile app in real-time

After you build a mobile eCommerce app, just scan the QR code with your smartphone. It will prompt you to download the mobile version of the app builder for previewing. After you download it just preview the app in real-time & check its features, themes & colors. It’s as simple as that! Traditional app development is sophisticated since you need to test the app, fix bugs & publish the app to see how the app is working. The benefits of converting your Shopify store to mobile app via a mobile app builder are huge as compared to traditional mobile app development.

 These are a few exciting reasons why businesses should use a Mobile app builder to build Shopify app. Online stores can also take advantage of an amazing app Shopify app builder called Storifi that lets users create a professional Shopify store app within a few minutes.

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