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You must’ve put in a lot of time & efforts intore searching the market, selecting the right kind of products, building your Shopify store & launching it. Naturally, any Shopify merchant will expect a good number of sales because they believe that their efforts won’t go in vain. Alas! The opposite happens and you don’t receive a single sale.

Heartbroken, you go back to the drawing board & start thinking about what actually went wrong. To save you this hassle of finding the faults that cracked your eCommerce venture we have curated a list of few things that you need to optimize to kickstart sales for your Shopify store.

4 Reasons why your Shopify Store is not making any sales

1. A Subpar design is a Shopify store killer

Market research, choice of products, free shipping & other offers will fail if your Shopify eCommerce store doesn’t feature a good design.

In today’s fast-paced world, everyone wants to get things done quickly. Be it ordering food, booking an appointment or purchasing products from an eCommerce store.

However, in all these scenarios, clients look for quality & initial impressions matter. So, if your store fails to attract eyeballs then customers would quickly jump to another Shopify store (remember fast-paced?).

So, you need to allot separate time to perfect all the design elements to improve the intuitiveness of your Shopify store. Crafting each design element to perfection will eventually help you to turn visitors into customers.

If you are concerned about your Shopify Store not getting traffic, then change & optimize the design elements to see a boost in your visitor numbers.

One down, three more to go!

2. Don’t neglect speed or design for functionality!

Here comes the difficult part. You want speed & a good design but many times in pursuit of speed & excellence, you tend to sacrifice one or the other thing.

Good design might load slowly whereas improved speeds mean that you need to let of good design elements.

Now, you might think this reason might not be the answer to your question of why is my Shopify store not converting?

Well, it does. How?

If you focus on improving the loading speed of your eCommerce store then you’ll give less time to the design part which will obviously not attract more eyeballs. On the other hand, if you go for design & leave out the “speed” part then customers might get attracted at first. But the sub-par user experience due to slow loading speeds will eventually drive customers away from your Shopify store.

This can be likened to window shopping –You walk past a shop and notice that they offer amazing furniture. But, when you go inside to check it out you come across low-quality wood, no warranties & minimal support.

You must balance both speed & design of your Shopify store to offer smooth experiences to your customers. This will lead to more traffic, higher product viewing times, better sales & excellent business growth.

3. The wrong choice of products may be the culprit

While conducting your market research, you must’ve come across different types of products that are similar to what you wanted to offer. This is true for Shopify stores & almost every other business out there

Today’s market is saturated & you’ll find it very difficult to cut through the noise & offer a product that stands out from the rest. But this is what differentiates you from the rest of the businesses.

Therefore, you need to thoroughly research different products, define your target audience & provide those items on the store that will garner a greater number of sales in less time.

Running a Shopify store might not seem easy but with the right mindset, a good choice of products& an even better marketing strategy, you’ll be able to nail those elusive sales effectively.

4. Why are you not offering a Shopify Mobile Application?

Cutting-edge technologies like the Low-Code &No-Code Platforms are enabling laymen as well as professionals to build intuitive eCommerce mobile applications in minutes.

You can easily find these powerful Shopify Mobile App Builders in the Shopify app store. Simply add one to your store and build a well-designed& personalized mobile app for your customers.

You can also leverage a ton of integrations to add more features to your eCommerce mobile application and elevate the entire customer experience. But, that’s not all!

You can also incorporate one-click ordering to accelerate checkouts, take advantage of scheduled & real-time push notifications to improve marketing activities, attract more users & increase your Shopify store sales.

These are 4 culprits that will have most likely affected your Shopify businesses’ sales. All you need to do is go ahead and put in some extra efforts to get those Shopify sales that you were waiting for. If you want to build an amazing Shopify Mobile Application for your customers then simply head over to Storifi, build your eCommerce mobile app in minutes with intuitive features & leverage the app to drive your sales and business growth.

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