No-Code Mobile App Builders

A few years ago online eCommerce businesses were in the habit of developing mobile apps from the scratch that consisted of hiring skilled coders, extensive code-writing, long testing times & cumbersome publishing procedures.

These comprehensive processes gave businesses nightmares. Why? Even if one line of code has an error then it will result in rechecking & rewriting the entire code followed by rigorous testing. After these arduous processes, the mobile application will be published.

All of this takes huge amounts of time & capital which adversely affects productivity. However, the entire scenario of app development for mobile is witnessing a radical shift due to the advent of No-Code Mobile App Builders.

As the name implies, No Code App Development Platforms empower online businesses like eCommerce stores to develop anmobile app without coding. Pretty exciting right? Read on to know why no code app development is gaining traction among businesses.

What is No Code Development?

No-Code Development platform uses visual development environment instead of sophisticated code writing to enable users to create apps. Anyone can build a world-class app by using simple methods such as drag & drop, adding application functionalities such as menus, collections of a particular product, seamless payments & more.

An eCommerce business like a Shopify store can make a mobile business app without coding? Sound too good to be true, right? But, the advent of high-end technologies such as AI/ML, Data Science& Analytics, Big Data, IoT, Blockchain & others is fostering no code or low code application building for mobiles.

So which one would you choose? Arduous code-writing & lengthy processes for developing a mobile app or creating a simple app via no code app development platforms? The choice seems pretty simple. Let us look at some benefits of No-Code Platform for building business apps.

Exciting Benefits of No-Code Mobile App Builders

Here are a few amazing advantages of no code app development platforms:

Easily Change the features of a Mobile App

Traditional coding of an app takes a lot of time. If you find any errors, then the entire coding needs to be checked & edited to ensure that an app functions in a proper way. In this case, if you want to add additional features, the time taken to do it is huge. However, in No code platforms, you can easily add or remove features within a few hours due to its simple drag and drop functionality saving resulting in huge time savings.

Excellent Agility with No-Code & Low-Code Development Platforms

Since these revolutionary platforms leverage visually pre-built modules, they help businesses in saving a lot of time. This translates to faster app building, seamless testing & seamless app publishing making you eCommerce business agile & competitive in the market.

Reduce Costs of Mobile App Development

As you know, traditional coding is costly due to the requirement of skilled coders & talented developers. But, No-code solutions eliminate the need for such professional personnel. They also take away overhead costs resulting in huge cost savings for an eCommerce business.

Maximize Productivity with No-Code Solutions

A no code app development lets you design & develop a mobile app as per your business requirements. It improves the agility & reduces costs for an organization. It also reduces the time needed for developing a mobile app. This enables employees to focus on other productive works which ultimately results in enhanced operational efficiencies & productivity.

These are a few reasons why No-Code Mobile App Builders are getting popular among eCommerce businesses such as Shopify Stores. You can use a robust mobile app builder for Shopify called Storifi that lets you create an easy-to-use Shopify mobile app within a few hours so that you can take your online business to greater heights. 

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