What should you do after building a Shopify Mobile App ?

Creating a Shopify Mobile App does seem like a daunting task. However, many businesses are now choosing to build a mobile app for their Shopify stores. Why?

Some of the biggest reasons for this shift to mobile technology is the ability to seamlessly connect with the customers, send them deals, leverage analytics to drive sales & business growth.

But, is building a Shopify Mobile Application sufficient to achieve boost your brand image, get more sales, drive your revenue? What are some important things that should you do after building a Shopify mobile application? Read on to find out!

Things to do after building a Shopify Mobile App

Promote the App on your Shopify store

Your own Shopify store is one of the best places to promoted your personalized Shopify Mobile App.

You can add high-resolution images of the app logo, your app features, design elements and more to encourage users to download the app. Additionally, you can leverage pop-up banners or flash banners that will prompt visitors to download the app.

These small yet effective tips will help you to bag more app downloads that will eventually lead to a better connectivity with customers, improve sales and a better brand image.

Optimize App Store Listing of your Mobile App

Simply publishing a personalized Shopify mobile app in the Android or Apple app store isn’t going to bring your mobile application visibility.

You need to put in some additional efforts like writing a catchy description, adding a trendy logo & providing images of your app’s features to attract customers and nudge them to install your application.

Nowadays customers prefer those type of mobile apps that are reliable and offer an intuitive user experience. So, if you put in some work to perfect your app & its marketplace listing then it will certainly generate trust which in turn will result in more app downloads & installs.

Attract New Users with Flash Sales & Deals

While carrying out Shopify Mobile App Development will help you to offer an intuitive mobile app to users, it won’t necessarily mean that every user will download the app.

So, you need to give them a nudge (a deal or a one-time discount) so that they can download the app. These deals will not only attract visitors but the same visitors will share the details about the introductory offer to their friends, colleagues & family members. This will obviously lead to more app installs which ultimately results in more users, better brand image, increased sales & revenue for your Shopify business.

Take Feedback from Your Users about the Mobile App

Building a Shopify Mobile App isn’t the first step to success. You need to continuously perfect the app to provide an intuitive UI/UX to your customers. One of the best ways to do it is to take feedback from your users about the features of the app, new features that can be added and any valuable suggestions that they can give. You can take a feedback via a small survey or you can even call the customer if he/she is willing to talk to you about the application.

If building a mobile application for your Shopify store seems like a daunting task then you should go for a No-Code Platform-based Shopify Mobile App Builder like Storifi. Storifi offer intuitive features like the drag & drop builder, unlimited editing, real-time preview & more that streamline and accelerate the entire application development process resulting in quick development and deployment on app stores!

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