What is Mobile Commerce & Why Does It Matter

The term “Commerce” has its roots in the Latin Word “Commercium” that means “merchandise together”. Commerce has come a long way since its inception from Local to Global trades.

With the advent of innovative technologies, E-Commerce & Mobile Commerce came to the fore. The term online shopping was introduced by Michael Aldrich in 1979 which was later known as E-commerce. Physical stores quickly adopted the novel E-Commerce method to create virtual stores so that any person can shop for products via the internet from the comfort of their home. The only catch was that people needed a bulky computer or a laptop to check out the products & carry out the purchase. This is a revolutionary way to scale up a business, enhance sales & brand visibility.

However, everyone cannot afford a computer or a laptop. This limited the reach of E-Commerce. This is where M-Commerce comes into the picture. The evolution of smartphone & rapid penetration of a smart mobile device among the masses was seen by online businesses as a great way to tap into the market. It even nudged companies to focus on developing mobile commerce applications so that they can increase their sales. People are using mobile phones & apps for daily activities like food ordering, online shopping for clothes & accessories, hotel & travel bookings and more. So, let’s know about Mobile Commerce & its significance for Shopify stores & other online businesses.

What is M-Commerce?

Mobile Commerce or simply mCommerce involves activities like browsing, buying or selling or products via a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. So this means that anyone can simply use a smartphone to check out the latest clothes, gadgets & other products with a few clicks & swipes. If they like something, they can easily add it to their virtual shopping cart & complete the purchase via online payment or cash on delivery method. The product will be delivered within a few days to the consumer.

Compare this easy process to the cumbersome traditional shopping process:

  • People had to go to a physical store
  • Sift through products like clothes or gadgets
  • If they don’t like the products, then they had to go to a different one
  • By the end of the day, they would’ve visited 5-6 shops or even more
  • Many times, customers end up not buying anything due to the tiresome shopping experience.

We can see that M-Commerce is the clear winner, because:

  • No need of going to physical stores
  • Go through various products with just a few clicks
  • Easily Switch to another mobile app which provides more product varieties
  • Virtual Shopping Carts & Timely Reminders & seamless payments enable customers to get their preferred product from the comfort of their home.

Why Is Mobile Commerce Important?

mCommerce is a big part of the Electronic Commerce (E-Commerce) where people or companies conduct business via the Internet. Mobile commerce is witnessing rapid growth due to availability of fast wireless networks (4G, 5G & WiFi), affordable smartphones & tablets, enhanced impetus on mobile app development & holistic resolution of major security issues.

Leading statistic reports on mCommerce state that:

  • The revenue generated by Global mCommerce platforms is set to reach a whopping USD 3.6 billion by 2021
  • Almost 70% of the global population owns a mobile phone.
  • Around 75% of smartphone users made an online purchase via their mobile device in the last 6 months.
  • In the year 2018 itself, people from all over the world spent a combined 18 billion hours on mobile shopping apps
  • More than 67% of the world’s population are first-time mobile phone users.

These staggering numbers attest to the fact that mCommerce is not going to slow down. Instead, it will outpace eCommerce methods & will be the preferred mode of business for people & online stores like Shopify as well as other businesses.

Advantages of mobile commerce:

These are a few merits of M-Commerce that are beneficial for online stores & businesses:

  1. Seamless Store Access with a mobile app
  2. Excellent Customer Experience
  3. Personalized Notifications
  4. Cost-Effective
  5. Highly Productive

Thus, Mobile Commerce is on a rapid rise & is being effectively used by e-commerce organizations, online stores such as Shopify & other businesses to enhance their sales & generate amazing revenue. Online Stores that want to hop on the M-Commerce bandwagon can use a simple Mobile App builder for Shopify called Storifi. It enables non-techies & professional app builders to create a custom Shopify Mobile App and leverage it to improve sales & income generation.

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