what is Customer Engagement?

Almost every new Ecommerce store out there is busy trying to get more customers to enjoy more sales & revenue. But, simply attracting new customers isn’t a sustainable way to run your Ecommerce business like a Shopify store. You also need to build a robust Customer Engagement Strategy so that you can seamlessly engage with your customers. This will not only give your customers a reason to come back to your store but you’ll get to enjoy a steady income due to their loyal association with you. So, what is customer engagement all about? Is it actually important for your business? Read on to find out!

What is Customer Engagement?

To put it simply, Customer Engagement refers to the interactions between your brand & the customers.

These interactions can be done offline (physically) or online (Ecommerce website, live-chats, notifications in mobile apps & in-app messages).

Whatever the case maybe, you get to interact with your customers & know about their feedback, issues with products, positive ratings, good/bad experiences & more.

This is what customer engagement is all about!

Why Should you Focus on Customer Engagement?

With easy-to-use Ecommerce platforms like Big commerce, Woo commerce & the popular Shopify, almost anyone can signup & start their Ecommerce business in no time.

But as you might already know that the Ecommerce space has become rather crowded with a lot of players vying to get a good chunk of customers for their brand. This has resulted in an overwhelming focus on conversions, clicks & acquisition costs.

But simply investing capital to acquire more customers isn’t going to help you grow your business. You also need to leverage a robust customer engagement strategy so that your Ecommerce business i.e., your website & mobile app can provide ways for you to effectively communicate with your customers.

Simply focusing on getting more leads& sales will only make your Ecommerce venture more robotic. You need to break the monotony by infusing an element of emotional connection. Such emotional connections will enable your customers to relate to your brand which in turn improves customer engagement, loyalty & retention.

The end result is a sustainably growing Ecommerce Business!

So, how can you encourage customer engagement? What are the various categories of customer engagement strategies that you can leverage? Read the next point to know more!

What are the Types of Customer Engagement?

1. Actively Engage Customers – Social Media & Mobile

As the name implies, you try to actively engage with customers on Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter & others. Most customers use these platforms to share updates about their daily lives. You can nudge them to share about your Ecommerce brand, purchase experience, product experience & more.

Since most people own smartphones, offering a Shopify Mobile App will help your customers to seamlessly check out your products. You can also leverage push notifications to notify them about upcoming product launches, product purchase details, tracking details & more.

These strategies will help you to actively engage your customers with your brand.

2. Leverage Transparency -Emotional Engagement

The user experiences & the products that you provide should impact the customer in such a way that they form an emotional connection with your brand. These emotional connections will nudge customers to engage more with your brand. They also might most likely complain less, buy more & even compliment your brand more!

3. Showcase Commitment -Ethical Engagement

Your Ecommerce business should demonstrate ethical value like being upfront about any additional costs, timely deliveries, robust customer support & periodic notifications containing curated content for your customers. These will help your brand to have a better outlook among customers which will result in positive reviews, improved customer engagement, better conversion rates,& improved business growth.

4. Make Customers Participate – Rational Engagement

You can nudge customers to share feedback about your product by giving reviews on your mobile app or online store. Let them know that you’ll implement some constructive feedback into your products, mobile app or Ecommerce store so that you can serve your customers better. These prompts will not only improve customer engagement but customers will also come to realize that you value their opinions as well. These are a few reasons why you should focus on Customer Engagement for your Ecommerce store. If you are planning to build an easy-to-use mobile app for your Shopify store then you can head over to Storifi. This powerful No-Code App Development Platform enables even amateurs to seamlessly build a beautiful Shopify Mobile App with the help of intuitive features like the Drag & Drop builder, Unlimited Editing, Real-Time Preview & more!

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