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Cart Abandonment is one of the most troublesome challenges for eCommerce stores.

Did you know that almost 70% of online/mobile shopping carts are abandoned?

Imagine what eCommerce ventures like Shopify stores can achieve if they optimize abandoned cart notifications. To recover lost sale opportunities and boost revenues, the business usually turns to abandoned checkout notifications. Read on to know 5 amazing abandoned cart strategies that you can leverage to effectively recover sales and grow your eCommerce revenue.

What are Abandoned Cart Notifications?

Abandoned Cart Notifications are basically short messages that pop up in the notification bar whenever your customer adds a product to the cart but doesn’t complete the purchase.

You can either automate these notifications or send curated notifications manually to attract customers and nudge them to complete the transaction.

Unlike abandoned cart emails, you don’t need an email address to send these notifications. That is because your customer is already signed up with your online eCommerce store. So, all you need to do is just open your Shopify store account, go to the mobile app section and send tailored abandoned cart notifications.

Prominent Reasons for Shopping Cart Abandonment

  1. Hidden charges are too high.
  2. Need to create an account (many prefer guest checkout)
  3. Complicated checkout process.
  4. Security concerns.
  5. Lack of express shipping.
  6. Cumbersome returns policy

4 Abandoned Cart Push Notification Best Practices for 2021

  • Timing the Notifications Right is Important

You need to time your abandoned cart notifications right if you want to recover those elusive lost sales and revenue. This is one of the most effective Abandoned Cart Strategies that eCommerce stores can easily leverage to recover sales.

To start with, you can send notifications after one hour of cart abandonment. This timing strategy can vary based on the products offered by your store.

However, do note that if you wait too long then you might lose out on the shopping urge of the customer. They may even switch to a competitor if any issue is unresolved (like hidden charges, high shipping fees or technical issues).

Leading reports suggest that if you send 3 timely notifications on your customer’s smartphone then chances are that you’ll get to achieve around 70% more orders and lost sales recoveries.

Just imagine this – your store making 70% more revenue just by simply sending curate abandoned notifications!

So, why wait when you can start now?

Create a strategy that you can easily manage or leverage automation tools to automate the entire notification triggering strategy and witness more sales, higher customer retention rates and revenue.

  • Use High-Converting Lines in your Notifications

Whether you read an email, a blog, or a notification, what is the first thing that you’ll notice? The Title.

So, the idea is pretty simple – Using high-converting titles such as free shipping, limited-time discounts, hurry up and others to generate customer interest.

Once you interest the customers enough, they will eventually turn up on your eCommerce mobile application and complete their transactions. You can also go the extra mile and send a thankyou notification after the purchase is completed. This will let your customers understand that you value them.

Effortlessly reduce cart abandonment and boost your brand image!

  • Add the Abandoned Product

Why just use catchy lines when you can also add the product image to make your abandoned cart notification more compelling?

This is a wonderful abandoned cart strategy that not only reminds the customer about their abandoned product but also nudges them to complete the transaction. You can either add the image or edit the image size, color and pattern to make it more attractive for your customers.

If that doesn’t feel enough then you can also add the name of the product so that your notification will compel your customers to complete the purchase.

  • Offer Customer Support

You can proactively offer customer support to customers if they are facing technical issues or have questions about refunds, returns or shipping times. Your FAQs section might answer these queries but adding a personal touch can help you seal the deal (successful checkout!).

These are a few proven strategies that you can leverage to supercharge abandoned cart push notifications, recover lost sales, improve revenue and boost your brand image.

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