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Mobile Commerce is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. People prefer shopping on mobile apps as opposed to eCommerce websites. But one thing that is common in both is Shopping Cart Abandonment.

This phenomenon is highly prevalent in eCommerce Platforms as compared to mobile apps. Let’s look at some major cart abandonment statistics:

  1. The average cart abandonment rate is more than 70%.
  2. eCommerce brands lose around USD 20 Billion in sales revenue each year.
  3. Hidden costs are the primary reason for cart abandonment.

These staggering numbers attest to the fact that an abandoned cart by online shoppers can spell doom for eCommerce & mCommerce Platforms in the long run. 

Online businesses like Shopify Stores face similar challenges which eventually hurts their business growth. Therefore, it is imperative to reduce shopping cart abandonment as much as possible.

Let us look at a few helpful tips to minimize cart abandonment with the help of an easy-to-use Shopify Mobile App. But first, let’s learn about Cart Abandonment.

What is Shopping Cart Abandonment?

As the name implies, a cart abandonment by a shopper means that he/she did not complete the purchase. They left the transaction midway. It sounds depressing, but it is true.

Thousands of customers leave their shopping carts without checking out. Rigid check out process & unsatisfactory customer experience is some of the primary reasons for high shopping cart abandonment rate.

Tips to reduce shopping cart abandonment with a Shopify Mobile App

Here are some effective tips to minimize card abandonment by leveraging an easy-to-use mobile app:

Push Notifications – Easily Prevent Cart Abandonment

A Shopify mobile app offers the powerful push notification feature that can be easily leveraged to reduce or nullify cart abandonment. But, how is that even possible?

When a customer adds products into his/her cart but decides not to proceed with the purchase, the app can push a notification/alert about the pending purchase. This alert can nudge customers to complete their purchases.

Another way to take advantage of push notifications is to offer a one-time lucrative discount to customers. This will surely prompt them to complete the purchase resulting in better sales & reduced shopping cart abandonment rates!

You can also use the push notification feature to inform customers about upcoming deals, discounts, cashback offers & more. This will increase customers’ interest in your brand & the mobile app.

Online business like a Shopify store can use a powerful mobile app builder called Storifi to seamlessly create an amazing Shopify Mobile app & use it to drive sales along with business growth

Seamless Checkout – More Sales & Better Revenue

Who doesn’t love a quick checkout process? Every customer wants to seamlessly add products into their mobile shopping cart and complete the transaction within seconds.

However, it is easier said than done. Many eCommerce Platforms load the checkout page slowly. Sometimes, the checkout page doesn’t load at all.

This showcases brand & app unreliability. Naturally, customers will abandon their shopping carts & search for reliable mobile apps which offer an easy checkout process.

So, ensure that you create a Shopify Mobile app that helps customers in completing their purchases within seconds to Minimize Cart Abandonment.

A Visible Cart – Effective in Reducing Shopping Cart Abandonment

A visible shopping cart in a mobile app will act as a visible reminder that they need to complete a purchase.

With a Shopify Mobile App, you can easily add attracting shopping cart logos to help customers understand their pending purchases.

Naturally, customers will tap on the cart logo where they will see that their favorite products are left unattended.

Eventually, they will select their preferred products & check out resulting in improved sales & lower shopping cart abandonment rates.

Intuitive UI – Compel Customers to Buy Your Products

One of the first things that any Shopify customer will notice is the user interface & design of the app.

If a customer is welcomed by an alluring UI, he/she will eventually be hooked to the app. They will browse for more products since app navigation is seamless.

Additionally, you can add some subtle animations to the menus that can help customers feel like they are actively engaging with your Shopify mobile app.

All of these minute factors can contribute to enhanced sales & while reducing shopping cart abandonment rates. Well, How? 

It’s pretty simple:

  • Customers are attracted to your app.
  • They browse for products.
  • They will seamlessly add their preferred products to the cart due to a well-designed mobile app.
  • Intuitive UI will also translate to smooth checkout experiences.

These are some wonderful tips to reduce shopping cart abandonment rates & increase sales as well as revenue generation.

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