How to Improve Customer Loyalty

Mobile apps have become an integral part of our lifestyle. Activities like shopping, food ordering & many others can be easily done with a mobile app. Online businesses like Shopify stores are also using mobile apps to boost customer loyalty.

Small & large businesses have quickly understood the potential of loyalty. It dramatically increases:

  • Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Brand Awareness & Visibility
  • The lifetime value of a customer 
  • Sales & Revenue

While these are some amazing benefits of customer loyalty, the difficult part is how to boost customer loyalty in the first place. Loyalty is not something that can be built in a few days. It takes time & consistent efforts.

However, with a mobile app, things can be simplified. Subtle things like app design, user experience, seamless payments can help your business to build customer loyalty in 2020. So, let’s learn about a few simple ways to improve loyalty with Shopify apps.

Effective Ways to Enhance Customer Loyalty with a Mobile App

Native mobile applications i.e. Android & iOS apps are wonderful tools which can be used to interact with customers. Many people use a smartphone as their daily driver.

Thus, they will most likely come across your app & check it out. Developing a Shopify mobile app that offers rich user experience is a crucial factor for building customer loyalty. Let’s look at a few powerful ways to boost customer loyalty with a mobile app.

Seamless Navigation – Facilitate Ease of Use

A Shopify mobile app acts as a virtual store for your business. Customers would want to easily access products & its prices, menus, different collections & more.

If you design a mobile app that is difficult to use, then customers will readily leave your app as many competitors provide better apps & user experience. So, building a mobile app that is easy to navigate is one of the primary ways to attract customers.

Once you create an easy-to-use app, you will automatically witness more customers & increased sales. Now, you are wondering how? It’s very simple!

As customers use your mobile app, they will enjoy easy navigation & seamless payments. Such customers will recommend your mobile app to their friends, family & colleagues. Naturally, more customers will check out your app which results in more brand visibility, amazing sales & excellent customer loyalty.

Online businesses like Shopify stores can leverage an easy-to-use Shopify Mobile App Builder called Storifi. It has powerful features like drag & drop, unlimited editing, real-time preview & more that can enable amateurs as well as professional developers to create the best Shopify apps to increase sales & provide an amazing user experience.

Personalized Content – Effective Way to Improve Customer Loyalty

Content is what customers are looking for. But, not just any content. People want it to be personalized. If you visit an eCommerce website, you will most likely see random products that pop up onto your screen. This holds little value to a consumer.

But with a mobile app, the entire shopping experience can be transformed & the first thing to ensure is to provide personalized content i.e. a curated collection of products or services based on customer’s preferences.

But, how in the world would anyone know about customer preferences? This is where cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud & IoT along with simple data collection activities via a mobile app step in!

With a Shopify Mobile app, you can seamlessly track customer’s activities like:

  • Favorites list
  • Save later for buying
  • Repeated checking of a specific product
  • Customer’s product browsing habits

The mobile app will leverage this crucial data & curate a set of products that are relevant to his/her browsing habits. So, the next time a user visits your app, he/she can easily check out the personalized product collections.

This lets customers know that you value their preference. So, they start visiting your app more often & even make purchases which ultimately results in increased revenue & enhanced customer loyalty.

Exciting Deals – Reward Customers for their Brand Association

Deals are a great way to boost customer loyalty. How come? People generally lookout for discounts, cashbacks or coupon codes to get a product at a great price. You can offer all of these via push notifications of your Shopify mobile app.

Don’t get me wrong! A website does provide the same perks but as we saw in the first point, content personalization is less. This might eventually lead to cart abandonment which can hurt your sales & revenue.

But, if you nudge a customer to use your mobile app instead of a website, then it can be a huge plus point for your online store. You can easily provide welcome bonuses for installing the app.

You can also offer exciting steal deals & vouchers so that customers will feel appreciated for purchasing a product from your app. This goes a long way in generating interest among customers for your brand. Naturally, customer loyalty will increase & you can capitalize on it to boost sales & drive business growth.

Online businesses like Shopify stores can take advantage of a powerful mobile builder for Shopify called Storifi. It helps amateurs & professionals to create some of the best Shopify apps to grow customer loyalty & boost revenue.

Loyalty Programs – Powerful Method to Enhance Customer Loyalty

You might’ve come across some loyalty programs from leading eCommerce platforms like Amazon (Amazon Prime), Flipkart (Flipkart Plus) and more.

These loyalty programs act as an amazing tool to attract more customers. With a mobile app, providing a loyalty program becomes even simpler. Although websites are great, they are not effective in bridging the communication gap between a customer & a business.

But a mobile app is the exact opposite of a website. Curated content, great deals & amazing support generate customer interest. As customers begin to shop more, you can send out a notification regarding the loyalty program.

You can add in some benefits like discounts for first-time signups or first time Shopify mobile app users. Use innovative ways to transform customer loyalty programs so that customers want to sign up for your loyalty program. Thereafter, you can easily provide exclusive benefits for loyalty programs customers & build customer loyalty.

These are a few ways to increase customer loyalty & ensure customer retention. Businesses can leverage an amazing mobile app builder for Shopify called Storifi that enables amateur & professionals to create beguiling Shopify Mobile apps within minutes.

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