A flourishing online community acts as a catalyst for eCommerce success. Leading eCommerce organizations, Shopify Store owners & other mCommerce businesses are striving to build meaningful relationships with customers.

Business analysts report that more than 80% of the companies engage in building a dedicated community for their products. Almost 70% of businesses believe that having a community enhances their brand awareness, exposure & credibility. Another study reveals that customers prefer to spend 20% more after joining an online store community.

So, these numbers testify to the fact having your Shopify store online community will result in a gamut of benefits. Furthermore, creating a personalized Shopify store app for mobiles will lead to a wider audience due to its ease of use ultimately resulting in amazing sales & a loyal user base. Read on to know more about the 4 tips for e-commerce success of your very own Shopify Store via a budding community online.

4 tips for creating an amazing online community for your Shopify Store App:

Engagement with Customers:

Bombarding customers with marketing messages & emails just to showcase your products isn’t going to cut the deal. Instead, follow a simplistic approach. Create a space wherein customers can seamlessly interact with you. Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & others can be easily used to engage with customers in productive discussions. This lets customers feel that they are being a part of your brand. In this process, you even get to know insights on customer’s preferences. You can use this knowledge to enhance your products which attracts many more customers to your Shopify store/personalized mobile app for Shopify.

Encourage customers to review your products:

Provide dedicated areas where customers can share their reviews. Both positive & negative reviews let other customers know about your company’s willingness to hear user feedback & maintain a transparent atmosphere. Customer-generated content provides an opportunity for everyone to connect & share their experiences which fosters a brand’s authenticity & visibility.

Make your mission & values relevant for the customers:

Your Shopify store-based mobile app is more than just a shopping destination. Customers are increasingly aligning themselves to brands that share their values. Adding a personalized touch to your products or marketing campaigns can do wonders for your eCommerce business. Customers who are satisfied by your products can easily recommend their friends or family members to check out your mobile application for Shopify which results in more customers & improved sales.

Provide Loyalty Programs for a VIP experience:

Make customers feel special with exclusive perks & deals via loyalty programs. Exclusive benefits enable customers to experience your latest products firsthand that nudges them to stick to your brand. Creating a mobile application for your Shopify store is a great way to offer a VIP experience to customers. Since the latest mobile applications use cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, personalizing your store is a piece of cake. Avail features of mobile apps like push notifications, flash banners & priority alerts to let your customers know that they matter to you!

Thus, these are 4 amazing tips to create a flourishing community online & grow your business with Shopify store-based mobile application. You can also use a simple Mobile App Builder for Shopify called Storifi that facilitates seamless mobile app creation. You can build native apps for Android or iOS & publish them to start gaining customers for an improved user base & enhanced sales.

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