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Ecommerce websites have been trending among customers for almost 2 decades now. While they are good, it is the addition of an easy-to-use mobile ecommerce app that is helping small & large E-commerce stores to attract more customers & generate amazing revenue.

While building a mobile app is important you must ensure that timely updates & new features are provided. This helps your business to increase customer anticipation and increased customer engagement due to the introduction of new features.

One of the important benefits of leveraging a mobile app is that it performs better than eCommerce websites. This is because you can personalize almost anything in a mobile app. Almost 65-75% of smartphone owners use a mobile app to make a purchase. The rapid advancements in technologies will benefit mobile apps by providing better user interfaces coupled with seamless navigation which will ultimately translate to excellent user experiences. 

All of this will help online stores to generate amazing leads, improve sales & revenue. Let’s look at some important reasons why E-commerce stores need mobile apps.

Why are Mobile Apps Crucial for E Commerce Stores?

  1. People Prefer Mobile Apps

Using mobile devices has become the norm for most people. You might’ve come across a situation where you want to buy a product. But before going to a local store to purchase that product, you will most likely check for its prices & reviews on your mobile. If you get a better deal online, then you will probably prefer purchasing the product from the comfort of your home. You can also compare the prices of that product with similar offerings and choose the one that suits your needs. So, a mobile app offers amazing convenience & excellent shopping experience. It also helps eCommerce stores in understanding the customer behavior, their preferences & interests which can then be leveraged to improve products/services.

  1. A Mobile Ecommerce App Offers Better Engagement

Personalization is one of the strong points of a mobile application. You can easily customize every section & feature of your mobile app. This can help your eCommerce business as a personalized mobile app offers excellent customer engagement opportunities. So, you can add helpful features like product suggestions, recently viewed products & suggestions based on the data obtained from browsing history of users. You can also streamline the checkout process by integrating one-click ordering features wherein all the basic details like shipping & billing address, contact details, credit card information and more can be stored beforehand for an easy and hassle-free purchasing experience.

  1. Higher Customer Retention Rates

If a customer decides to download your mobile app from the eCommerce store, then he/she is interested in your brand. This happens because users perceive that a mobile app offers better user experience as compared to an online website. Usually, people download a truckload of apps but they hardly use 4-5 apps. So, a user downloading your eCommerce app just to check it out speaks volumes about customer retention. So, if you incorporate an excellent onboarding experience coupled with engaging content & products, then it will result in an amazing first-time user experience which will eventually translate to higher customer retention rates.

  1. Cart Abandonment is reduced

Cart abandonment means when a customer adds a product to the cart but they do not proceed with the purchase. If the percentage of cart abandonment is high, then it can have serious implications on business continuity of eCommerce stores.  Some of the contributing factors to cart abandonment are:

  • Hidden Costs
  • Higher Shipping Charges
  • Complicated account creation processes
  • Fewer payment options

All of these issues can be readily tackled with a well-designed mobile application that enables seamless “add to cart” and checkout processes. By optimizing checkout forms you can reduce cart abandonment by up to 20%.

  1. Simplicity & Robust Security

ECommerce websites are marred with security challenges, complicated website navigations & slow checkout process. On the other hand, mobile apps boast of multi-layered security coupled with robust third-party integrations which enable you to offer multiple payment options like internet banking, Paypal, Mobile wallets and more.

Mobile apps are highly customizable, so you can easily incorporate a clean & intuitive interface into your mobile app. This will showcase simplicity & seamless navigation which can easily attract a customer to your app. Since mobile apps are made for a specific mobile OS i.e. Android/iOS, customers can enjoy the full hardware & software-based features without any challenges. This is why mobile apps are critical for eCommerce Stores. If you intend to build a personalized mobile ecommerce app, then you must check out Storifi. It is a powerful no-code mobile app builder that lets you create personalized mobile apps for Shopify within a few minutes.

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