Storifi encourages app developers to take advantage of customer reviews. You can easily encourage customers to leave reviews about their product-related experiences in your Shopify Mobile App. This will not only attract new customers but help you to boost the brand image of your Shopify Business.


Mobile App Reviews

Incorporate reviews into your Mobile E-Commerce App for Shopify Store to get feedback about your products.


Enhance Your Brand Image

Reviews help you to improve the brand image and reliability of your Shopify Store. Actively leverage it to gain more customers!


Better Customer Engagement

Prompting customers to leave their feedback by giving reviews is a great strategy to improve customer engagement with your eCommerce Business.

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Moderate & Approve your Reviews

Leverage our No Code Platform to easily moderate and approve every customer review to eliminate spam reviews & maintain the integrity of your Shopify mobile app.

Better Conversions

New users check reviews about your services to know the efficiency of your Shopify Store. Leverage reviews to prompt new users to purchase your products which will ultimately result in enhanced customer conversion rates.

Let Customers Become Influencers

You indirectly turn your customers into influencers by nudging them to leave their reviews about your products on the mobile app.

Excellent Market Research

Reviews act as a great communication tool for your customers to voice their opinion about your products. Use their feedback to improve your products and get better sales.

Client Testimonials

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