Storifi helps Shopify entrepreneurs to manage their business with the help of easy-to-understand reports. Our No Code Platform offers an all-inclusive dashboard where you can check various analytics of your Shopify Store like online store sessions, returning customer rate, average order value & more.


Intuitive Dashboard

Storifi offers a comprehensive dashboard where you can check all the reports of your online store.


Easy-to-Understand Graphs

Leverage a personalized Shopify Mobile App that includes easy-to-understand Graphs where you can check your monthly & yearly orders.


Monthly Earnings

Our Mobile E-Commerce App for Shopify enables you to easily check your monthly earnings.

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Revenue Generated

Want to keep a track of revenue generated? Storifi has it covered! Just open Storifi’s dashboard where you can easily view the total revenue generated by your Shopify Mobile App.

Number of Orders

Want to know the total number of orders placed? Simply open Storifi’s Dashboard to check it & plan your upcoming marketing activities.

Latest Transactions

Storifi simplifies the process of checking the recent purchases. Just navigate to the bottom part of the dashboard to view all the latest transactions at a glance.

Improved Customer Service

Storifi’s dashboard empowers you to effectively view your earnings & allied information. This will help you to find out your eCommerce store’s shortcomings and fix them to provide a better customer experience.

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