Storifi helps you to leverage the power of push notifications in your Android and iOS Mobile Apps for Shopify Store. Effectively reduce cart abandonment rates, improve your marketing activities & drive sales with the help of customized push notifications in your Shopify Mobile App.


Order Updates

Your Customized Shopify Mobile App helps you to get all order-related updates via timely push notifications.


Product Updates

Your customers will automatically get notified whenever you add new products to your Mobile E-Commerce App for Shopify Store.


New Offers

Leverage push notifications to effectively attract existing & new users with lucrative offers, deals & discounts.

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Lower Cart Abandonment

Worried about increasing cart abandonment rates for your eCommerce Store? Your personalized Shopify store mobile app sends timely notifications to customers about their pending purchase which effectively reduces cart abandonment rates.

Retarget Customers

Thinking about how to get those customers who stopped shopping from your eCommerce store? Simply leverage customized push notifications & send out some attractive one-time discount alerts. It’s that easy!

Personalized Push Notifications

Storifi lets you personalize push notifications for your customers. So you don’t have to send some bland irrelevant notifications. Customize each notification as per your business need!

Better Customer Engagement

Personalized push notifications prompt customers to click them which results in more viewers for your Shopify Mobile App. These customers will eventually check out more of your products & services which results in improved customer engagement.

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