Our Mobile App Platform on Shopify Store helps you to efficiently manage all of your orders with ease. Storifi provides a separate dashboard which contains details of all the orders including abandoned checkouts. This will help you to improve sales & accelerate business growth of your Shopify Store.


A One-Stop Solution for Orders

Storifi offers a feature-rich dashboard where you can check the status of all the orders placed by customers.

Seamless Order Tracking

Simply click on a particular order to know about various details like the current shipment location, estimated time/date of delivery and more.


Push Notifications

Trigger push notification on your customer’s smartphone so that they will get real-time information about their order.

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Automated Order Management

Our Mobile E-Commerce App for Shopify store effectively handles most order management processes with ease. Just sit back & let Storifi handle your orders!

Easily Check Stock Requirements

Maintaining stock of your products can become a huge challenge. This is where Storifi helps eCommerce businesses by effectively showcasing the amount of stock left in your warehouse.

Process Returns & Refunds with Ease

Storifi streamlines returns & refunds. Simply click on the order to check the issue & validate it before processing any refund or return.

Manage Shipping & Other Extra Costs

Seamlessly integrate shipping & product-specific extra costs from the Storifi’s order management dashboard.

Customers reviews

Storifi has helped me to quickly develop & deploy an easy-to-use Shopify Mobile Application for my Shopify Store.
Sarah Stone
I never knew that building a Shopify Mobile Application was this easy! Thankyou Storifi
Anthony Thomas
I was able to build a beautiful Shopify Mobile Application in less than 10 minutes! Kudos to the Storifi team for bringing such a useful mobile app builder to the fore.
Mark Miller

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