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Mobile technology is evolving at break-neck speeds due to consistent research & amazing innovations.

Just picture this, today you see a new app/a top of the line smartphone but the next day you find a bunch of exciting apps/powerful mobile devices popping up in the market.

So, it is fitting to say that mobile technology has transformed the way we live. Now instead of physically going to a grocery store, you can order essentials from the comfort of your home. How cool is that!

Businesses & large eCommerce platforms are also increasingly adopting mobile commerce strategies to improve customer retention, generate exciting leads & maximize sales.

Let’s look at 6 trends of mobile e-commerce that will reign the markets in 2020.

Top 6 Mobile E-Commerce Trends for 2020

  1. Mobile Apps – Portable Shopping Experience

Due to rapid innovations in mobile devices like smartphones & tablets along with its high penetration rate in the market, mobile apps are gaining prominence among customers.

Let’s look at some mobile application statistics:

  • By the end of 2020, almost 189 billion dollars’ worth of revenue is expected to be generated.
  • The combined number of mobile apps on Apple App Store & Google Play Store is more than 5 million.
  • An average mobile phone user uses around 30 mobile applications each month.
  • More than 55% of social media usage is attributed to mobile apps.

These staggering numbers suggest that mobile apps will be one of the significant mediums to attract more customers, provide personalized experience & maximize sales as well as revenue generation opportunities.

  1. One-Click Purchasing – Blazing Fast Checkouts

Imagine completing your purchase within seconds. The one-click ordering feature lets you do exactly that. But how is that possible?

Every mobile e-commerce application takes billing & shipping details before routing the customer for payment. But what if a customer was given the option to save all the essential details in the mobile app beforehand.

Some of the details required to complete a purchase typically include:

  • Name of the customer
  • Credit/Debit Card Details
  • Billing & Shipping address
  • Contact Details i.e. phone number & email address

Manually entering these details on every checkout is a cumbersome task. But with features like one-click ordering, you can seamlessly save your details, which can then be auto-filled by the app during checkout.

This saves customer’s time & enhances sales for businesses!

  1. AR & VR – Virtual Personalized Experiences

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality technologies are steadily getting popular among businesses & customers.

Up until a few years, these technologies were limited in their scope and scale due to incompatible platforms. 

But with groundbreaking innovations, leading eCommerce platforms & businesses are integrating these services into their mobile applications to offer an amazing customer experience.

For example, Lenskart offers an innovative feature where customers can check out the look of various spectacles & frames on their face. This is made possible due to real-time scanning of the face & AI-based techniques that perfectly align the spectacle frame to your scanned face. Amazing isn’t it?

These ubiquitous technologies possess immense scope & scalability potential for the next few years & mobile apps are already using them to offer intuitive user experience.

  1. Voice Shopping – The Next Best Thing

This is one of the most amazing Mobile E-Commerce Trends for 2020 & beyond.

You might’ve come across voice assistants like Siri on Apple smartphones & Google Assistant on Android-based smartphones.

When these helpful assistants first came into the picture, they were mostly used for checking out weather or traffic updates. Fast-forward to 2020 & these voice assistants are shaking up the mobile eCommerce scenario. Why?

You just need to give instructions into the smartphone & the voice assistant will show you the results for your query.

You can use these assistants to:

  • Research products
  • Track product delivery.
  • Make a purchase.
  • Give ratings & reviews.
  • Add products to your shopping cart.

So, now you can do shopping hands-free! Innovative, right?

  1. Mobile-centric Chatbots

Chatbots have been leveraged by eCommerce websites for the past few years to provide real-time answers & support to customers.

But, as mobile technology advanced, chatbots became more useful & are now being incorporated into mobile commerce apps to provide a personalized experience to customers.

So, with a mobile-based chatbot, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • 24/7 support & service.
  • Instant responses
  • Seamless communication
  • Quick complaint resolutions
  • Excellent customer experience

  1. Mobile Payments – Seamless Transactions

One of the most important things that a customer wants in a mobile eCommerce app is the ability to complete a payment effortlessly.

Everyone is busy with professional or personal work. So, it is challenging to complete purchases that are complicated & cumbersome.

That is why payment options like Mobile Wallets, UPI-based Payments & Easy Debit/Credit Card Payments are getting popular among customers and businesses.

Integrating popular mobile payment platforms into your customized mobile app can help customers to complete purchases within seconds.

This will help your business to maximize sales, improve customer satisfaction & drive business growth.

These are 6 trailblazing mobile eCommerce trends that will become mainstream in 2020. If you own an online business or an offline business & want to attract more customers, then you should try Storifi. It is a powerful Mobile App Converter for Shopify that lets you build personalized apps by leveraging features like drag & drop, unlimited editing & real-time preview.

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