Top Mobile Ecommerce Trends of 2022

Mobile technology is developing at break-neck speeds due to continuous research and innovations. Who knew that there would come a time when touch-screen smartphones will come in foldable or rollable designs? And the convenient wearable technology from technology giants like Apple, Microsoft, Xiaomi is redefining the way people use mobile devices.

A few years later, we might see new iterations of mobile and wearable technology that will simplify mobile commerce use for both eCommerce firms and customers. Small and big organizations realize the huge potential of such innovative technologies. That is why they are increasingly leveraging mobile-based tools, applications and strategies to enhance consumer retention, generate more leads & make more sales. So, how will mobile commerce 2022 look like? Read on to find out!

Top Mobile Ecommerce Trends of 2022

Mobile Applications – Curated Shopping Experiences

Ecommerce Mobile applications will continue to have a strong presence in the mobile commerce market. That’s because mobile technology is getting more advanced with each passing day. And these advancements are done to ensure that customers stick to their mobile devices and use them to carry out most of their daily activities which include shopping from various eCommerce stores.

Let us take a look at some interesting facts about mobile eCommerce:

  • By the end of 2022, nearly 189 billion dollars worth of revenue is expected to be generated via mobile applications.
  • The combined number of mobile applications currently found on the Apple App Store & Google Play Shop crosses more than 5.5 to 6 billion.
  • An average smartphone user uses more than 30-40 applications.

These mind-boggling numbers attest to the fact that building a Mobile app for Shopify store will be an important thing that rakes in more consumers, offer curated experiences, increase sales and revenue generation possibilities. 

One-Click Ordering–Checkout at Lightning Speeds

Visualize completing your purchase within seconds. The one-click ordering feature allows you to do exactly that. How is this a mobile commerce trend?

Every mobile eCommerce application takes invoicing & delivery information before the final payment process. What if a customer was given an option to save all these generic details in the mobile application. In this way, when a customer purchases a product from the mobile app, he/she need not enter details. They can simply select the saved details and quickly move on to the payment page.

With the one-click ordering feature, you can perfectly save all your generic details, which can then be auto-filled by the application during checkout.  This saves the client’s time & enhances sales for eCommerce/mCommerce companies! 

AR & VR –Personalized Virtual Experiences

Augmented Realityand Virtual Reality cutting-edge technologies are increasingly being preferred by both eCommerce organizations and end-users i.e., customers. Up till a few years ago, these technologies were restricted in their use-cases due to the lack of advanced technology and relevant platforms.

But, with the introduction of sophisticated technologies such as LIDAR, face recognition, camera-based virtual systems, offering AR & VR experiences has become rather simple.With groundbreaking advancements like AR & VR, leading eCommerce systems & services are taking personalized shopping experiences to the next level.

These are a few mobile eCommerce trends that will help eCommerce owners in 2022. You might think that in order to Convert ecommerce to mobile app you will need to hire a team of developers, set up the necessary infrastructure and create workflows. But Storifi makes it easy for you. How?

Storifi is a completely-free no code platform where in you can build intuitive yet sophisticated eCommerce mobile applications in a matter of minutes. Like what you see? Then simply fill in all the details about your application and publish it on leading app stores such as the Apple App Store or Google Playstore. So what are you waiting for? Add Storifi to your Shopify eCommerce store and start building your very own Shopify Mobile app!

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