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Mobile apps are increasingly getting important across various industries. One of the most prominent sectors that are readily leveraging mobile apps is eCommerce. Ecommerce businesses are mostly dependent on websites for their product sales, marketing & other activities. But the sudden rise in the usage of mobile apps has prompted eCommerce businesses to leverage them and drive business growth. 

Let’s quickly look at some reasons which make a mobile app important for eCommerce business.

The Importance of Mobile App in E Commerce Business

Here are some amazing benefits of mobile apps that can help eCommerce businesses:

Excellent Features

Developers can easily integrate amazing features in a mobile application with ease. Each feature is highly customizable and you can add some amazing ones like:

  • Product search box
  • Filters for easy product search
  • Recommended products
  • Recently viewed products

You can add many more amazing features to your mobile app so that it can attract more customers.

Multi-layered security

In an era where cybercrimes are on the rise, users are concerned about the security of their data – 

  • Login Information
  • Credit/Debit Card Information
  • Wallet Data (PayPal)
  • Shipping & Billing Information

Mobile applications do provide robust security & if some additional security layers & 2-factor authentication processes are added, then they will dramatically improve customer’s trust in your mobile application.

Less Complicated

Mobile applications offer an uncluttered & user-friendly experience which usually includes:

  • An easy to locate a universal search bar
  • Smooth navigation
  • Easily accessible shopping products
  • A gamut of payment options

Deeper Customer Analytics

A Mobile e commerce application facilitates deeper analytics when it comes to knowing about customer preferences, their purchasing frequency, specific product interests and more. You can also extract easy-to-understand analytical reports that give you more information about a particular user & their shopping decisions. All of this crucial data will help you to refine & streamline marketing strategies which will translate to excellent revenue-generating opportunities.

Highly Interactive

As we saw earlier, mobile apps offer excellent customization capabilities. So, by incorporating an advanced yet seamless user interface in your mobile application, you offer excellent user experience. Beguiling yet Intuitive UI/UX design readily makes the app browsing experience more interactive. It also reduced app usage fatigue & nudges your customer to spend more of his/her time in your mobile app.

Convenience at its best

Traditional marketing strategies like putting out a TV advertisement, billboard or ads in newspapers is old school. While these are still being leveraged, they are not as effective when compared to an easy-to-use mobile app. Not only that, almost everyone uses a mobile phone these days. 

Smartphones usually consist of highly-advanced mobile operating systems. The most prominent mobile operating systems are Android & iOS. Both of these operating systems have their very own app stores on which apps can be published. Customers can conveniently download any app from such app stores and conveniently use it to shop for products from any place.

Seamless Increase Customer Loyalty

Integrated lucrative rewards/special deals in your mobile e commerce application translate to increase customer loyalty. You can also add some other loyalty-inducing features like:

  • Membership/Loyalty Programs
  • Scratch & Win
  • Transaction-based Rewards
  • Referral Rewards
  • Coupons
  • Cashback Offers
  • VIP Rewards

Such amazing features offered via a mobile app will prompt your customers to revisit your mobile app from time to time which will not only increase the app usage time but also result in more sales & better revenue generation.

Reduced Cart Abandonment Rate

Leading reports on cart abandonment rate state that:

  • An eCommerce website suffers a whopping 68% of cart abandonment.
  • But, with a mobile app, cart abandonment rates lower down to a mere 28%.

This percentage will most likely reduce in the upcoming years as technologies advance & marketing tactics become more simplified.

Easily Retain Your Customers

Providing an excellent onboarding experience via a mobile app will easily translate to an excellent first-time user experience which results in customers getting hooked to your app. You can also leverage push notifications & timely reminders which contain information about deals & ongoing sales/cashback offers that will prompt your customers to check out your app. 

Interesting fact: The smart usage of notifications nudged almost 38% of customers to come back to the mobile app almost 10 times/day just to check out the products/services.

Higher Revenue

All of the exciting features provided by a mobile application translate to amazing revenue generation opportunities. This results in enhanced sales & better income for any eCommerce business.

This is the importance of mobile app in e commerce businesses. If you are contemplating on developing a mobile app for your eCommerce venture, then you should check out Storifi. It is an easy-to-use mobile app builder that lets even laymen build a robust feature-rich mobile app within minutes.

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