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DUNS® Number 

The DUNS® Number is a unique nine-digit number, which is the universal identification of your company. It identifies your business entities on the basis of a specific location. Assigned and maintained by Dun & Bradstreet (D&B), the D-U-N-S® Number is widely used as a standard business identifier. A D-U-N-S® Number allows you to check legal entity status and the identity of your business or organization associated with the enrollment verification process for joining the Apple Developer Enterprise Program or Apple Developer Program. Businesses having a D-U-N-S® Number presumptive as a legal entity.

Basically, it’s a unique and non-transferable number assigned to each commercial entity comprising large corporate networks, like subsidiaries or branches having their own operations and addresses.

Request a DUNS Number

Getting DUNS is a completely free process and managing it is very simple and straight off. Below are the instructions for applying for a DUNS number:

Before enrolling, it is suggested to make sure that your organization is not registered using the D-U-N-S Number lookup tool because if you own a company, you may have already registered. If your organization has not received a number before, then submit your information to Dun & Bradstreet to get a free DUNS number.

Requesting a DUNS Number through DUNS Number Lookup Tool requires the following information:

  • Legal entity name (the name of your organization or business)
  • Headquarters name along with the address
  • Additional details like Mailing address, zip code, state, city
  • Organization’s contact number
  • Total number of employees in your company
  • If it is a home business or not
  • If any other name linked with the company (aka “business name” or “commercial pseudonym”)

D&B representatives may contact you directly to get more information about your business as a part of the verification. So, keep your business registration documents and information ready with you.

Obtaining D-U-N-S Number

Once you have requested a DUNS Number, wait for the 5 business days to get the DUNS Number from D&B. Within the given time-period, you will receive your DUNS number through an email subjected “DUNS Number Request / Update Completed”. In case if your DUNS Number request is taking longer than 15 days, you can mail D&B.

After receiving your DUNS Number, you have to wait for 2 days for Apple to receive your information from D&B.

Congratulations! Now, you are allowed to enroll as an organization or company in the Apple Developer Program.

If you’re receiving “Your organization is not listed as a legal entity.” message during enrollment, then this is what it means…

If you are receiving the same message, this means the company or business you have listed in the D&B database is either already listed in the database with a different legal status (for example sole proprietorship), or else its legal status has not been identified. During the registration, make sure you are using the name of your company’s legal entity. This is so because Apple does not accept DBAs, trade names, fictitious businesses, or the branches for the enrollment as an organization or company. In case if your legal status corresponds to “auto-entrepreneur or sole proprietorship”, then you can register as an Individual. But, if you think your business should be listed as a legal entity, gather your business registration documents and email them to D&B. 

Note: Full business registration documents are necessary to verify the legal status of your organization.

You can update your D&B profile directly via contacting D&B and the complete profile updation will take up to 14 business days

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