Recover Abandoned Carts

Try checking the “Orders” section in your Shopify store. One thing that will certainly overwhelm you is the high cart abandonment rate.

According to a leading report, an average online store may experience around 70% cart abandonment rates. Don’t get worried looking at these numbers. Despite the steep losses that you see here, you can still recover your abandoned carts affordably and effectively!

Did you know? Almost 85% of cart abandonments happen on mobile. This doesn’t mean you stop offering a mobile application to your customers. Instead, you optimize your mobile application, your website (make it more mobile-friendly) and test to deliver intuitive user experiences that will nudge customers to complete a purchase. Is that it? What are some strategies that you can implement to recover abandoned carts and improve revenue? Read on to find out!

What is Cart Abandonment?

To put it simply, a cart abandonment happens when a user/customer visits your online store, adds a product to the cart but doesn’t complete the purchase.

Ex: A customer wanted to purchase a nice crop top but they didn’t complete the checkout simply because of high shipping costs.

Why does Cart Abandonment Happen?

There are plenty of reasons why your customer would add an item only to abandon the cart later on. Here are a few probable reasons for abandoned carts:

  • Maybe they wanted to check the total value of the purchase (including any taxes and shipping charges).
  • Added a product to the cart but got distracted due to an important meeting call or an emergency.
  • Or added a product to the cart and left the cart so that they can get an email or a push notification with a coupon code or a discount. Who doesn’t want to save money?

Whatever the case may be, if a customer adds a product to the cart, they most likely want to purchase it.

How to Effectively Recover Abandoned Carts?

1. Leverage Abandoned Cart Reminders

a). Emails

This is an Abandoned Cart Strategy that has been used for many years now. Almost everyone uses emails and all you need to do is get the customer’s email when they signup on to your online store/mobile app. You can also proactively ask for their email when they visit your website.

After that, whenever you see that they abandoned their shopping cart, simply send an email (with catchy titles and content), preferably add a discount code to nudge the customer to complete the purchase.

b). Push Notifications

These notifications can be sent on both a desktop browser or a mobile application.

Mobile apps are much more effective as they normally pop up on the lock screen or the notification bar of your customers’ smartphones. If you make these abandoned notifications click-worthy then there is a high chance to recover almost 30-40% of your abandoned carts!

2. Take Advantage of Retargeting Ads

In order to do this, you need to add a Google RSLA or a Facebook Pixel to your Shopify store. This will help you to present the exact product that your customer has abandoned.

The best part about this strategy is that you don’t need to learn advanced marketing skills. Simply add the aforementioned tools to your store and follow the instructions. You should be good to go!

3. Use Abandoned Cart Apps from Shopify App Store

Leverage Abandoned Cart Apps such as Consistent Cart, Abandoned Cart Recovery or Web Browser Push Notifications from the Shopify App Store to seamlessly notify customers about abandoned carts and nudge them to complete the purchase.

Tips to Reduce Cart Abandonment Rate

A). Start by Offering a Secure Checkout

Showcasing trust symbols or ensuring the “https://” on your website will help you build trust in your customers. They will feel safe shopping on your online portal. These efforts might look small but if they help you save 50 to 100 dollars each day then why not give it a shot?

B). Include Product Images during Checkout

Including the images of the product during checkout helps your customers to verify what they are purchasing. In addition to that, the images can act as a tool that will encourage your customer to complete the purchase instead of leaving the cart.

C) Transparency with Costs is Must!

Being upfront with your customers about extra charges might just help you avoid some abandoned carts.

For example – if your store has extra charges for purchases made under 40 dollars but you fail to mention it and only mention the free shipping then your customers will get irate and leave your store for a competitor.

So, be real with customers when it comes to hidden charges and shipping fees.

D). Proactively Showcase Savings

You might’ve come across online stores that showcase savings during checkout. Doing something like this in your Shopify Store or Shopify Mobile Application is easy. But, why do it?

To put it simply, you are letting the customer know how much they are saving from the actual or original price of the product. Such small reminders will eventually bring your customer back to your store because he/she knows that they can save more if they purchase from your store instead of your competitors.

E). Free Shipping to Boost Sales!

This maybe a major reason for the skyrocketing cart abandonment rates of your Shopify store. So, why charge your customers for shipping when you can send the products for free?

Now, you might say that you’ll lose a chunk of your Shopify store revenue due to free shipping. Well, this is where you can run special free shipping campaigns for limited days.

Offer free shipping on a few days of the month. This not only creates an urgency of purchase but helps you to clock more revenue in a day as compared to other days!

These are a few proven ways through which you can recover abandoned carts way better than your competitors.

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