How to optimize Abandoned Cart Notifications in 2021

Cart abandonment is a major problem that cannot be easily addressed without a proper strategy. This is where abandoned cart notifications come into the picture.

But, not just any type of abandoned cart notification will work. You will need to generate high-quality notifications that will actually help in recovering lost revenue and sales. How can you do that? Read on to find out!

Reasons why customers abandon their cart

  • Not-so-crystal clear charges
  • Compulsory account creation
  • No guest checkout feature
  • Checkout riddled with complicated steps
  • Average security features
  • Lack of 1-day/express shipping

How to Optimize Abandoned Cart Notifications in 2021 ?

You need to time your notifications

You need to time your abandoned cart alerts right if you wish to recover those lost sales & revenue. This is one of the best abandoned cart strategies that eCommerce stores can easily leverage to recover sales.

To begin with, you can send notifications after one hour of cart abandonment. The timing strategy can vary based on the items offered by your online store/mobile application.

However, do keep in mind that if you wait for long then you could lose out on the buying impulse of the customer. They may even switch to a competitor just because it hardly takes 2-3 minutes to browse a new website or download a mobile application.

Leading reports recommend that if you send out 3 prompt alerts on your customer’s smartphone then possibilities are that you’ll rake in around 70% more orders and recover those lost sales.

Use high-quality content (Don’t forget personalization!)

Whether you read an email, a blog, or a notification, what is the first thing that you’ll discover? The Title.

So, the suggestion is pretty simple – Use high-converting titles such as free delivery, limited discount, flash sales and others to garner customer interest.

You can also offer a one-time discount to the cart abandoning customers to reinvigorate their interest in your brand.

Once you get the attention of your customer, they will eventually show up on your eCommerce mobile application and complete their checkout. You can also go the extra mile and send out a thank you notification after the checkout is completed.

Add Image of the Abandoned Product (As a reminder)

Using high-quality content is a great way to attract user interest. But, why stop there when you can also add a picture to make your abandoned cart notification even more appealing?

This is a wonderful abandoned cart strategy that not just advises the consumer about their abandoned item but (with the help of the image) nudges them to complete the deal. You can add the image as it is or use your creative skills to edit the photo size, color and pattern to make it extra appealing for your customers.

If that doesn’t really feel adequate then you can additionally add the name of the item to ensure that your push notification will certainly nudge your customers to complete the purchase.

These are a few ways to effectively optimize and improve abandoned cart notifications of your eCommerce mobile application/online store in 2021.

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