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Shopify is regarded as one of the largest & most well-known eCommerce platforms. Many budding startups leverage the powerful platform along with some great marketing techniquesto boost their Shopify Sales.

While a Shopify eCommerce website is a great way to attract customers, it isn’t the most effective method to increase Shopify sales. Customers tend to leave a website if it is less user-friendly & bombards visitors with irritating promotional ads.

This is where a tailor-made Shopify mobile app comes into the picture. Most people ownmobile phones& use it for a variety of daily tasks. An average mobile user unlocks his/her mobile phone at least 60 times & has around 100 apps at any given point of time.

By providing an easy-to-use mobile app, businesses can seamlessly setup their virtual store on a customer’s mobile phone. Naturally, customers come across the Shopify store mobile app many times & eventually check it out.

Businesses can take advantage of this opportunity & use technologies like AI/ML, Cloud &IoT to showcase a curated set of products according to customer’s preferences. Customers might like those products & purchase them which ultimately boosts the Shopify Sales. Let’s look at a few amazing ways to grow sales with Shopify mobile app

How to grow Shopify sales with a custom Shopify Mobile App?

According to a leading statistic report, Shopify has around 15% of the total eCommerce market share. That is why many businesses are creating a Shopify store. Additionally, they are creating a mobile app to gain more customers.

Mobile apps are certainly a boon to physical & online stores. They facilitate ease-of-use & provide customers with a personalized experience. Here are a few effective ways of using Shopify apps to boost sales:

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Push Notifications – A Powerful Feature to Boost Shopify Sales

An online business like Shopify store would want to connect with its customers 24×7. If there are any new products or flash sales, businesses want to ensure that customers are made aware of it.

With an eCommerce website, conducting promotional activities is challenging.An important part of the eCommerce marketing strategy is to get the customer’s email address. This is done so that a business can send out emailsabout current & future deals to customers.

But, even if a business successfully sends out emails to all of its customers, the probability of them checking out the emails is slim. Many people might even mark these emails as spam which can hamper extensive marketing strategies.

But, fret not!  A Shopify mobile app can easily bridge this gap & help businesses to seamlessly notify customers of upcoming sales, discount fests & steal deals. All of this is made possible by the powerful push notification feature.

Customers just have to download the app & that’s it! By using AI/ML, an app can easily understand customer preferences. If there are any upcoming deals, businesses can push curated notifications to the customer. Since people use a mobile phone every day, they will most likely check out the notification & purchase the product. This will ultimately maximize your Shopify sales.

Tip – Ensure that you don’t send multiple push notifications since it will irritate the customers & they might even uninstall the mobile app.

Payment Options –Offer Flexibility to Customers

Give customers the flexibility of choosing their preferred payment method. All customers are not the same. Every person who purchases products from your business via a Shopify Mobile app might use a different mode of payment.

Leading statistic reports state that almost 35% of mobile shoppers defer their purchase due to less optimized payment experiences. But, if you provide a range of payment options, then customers will most likely purchase your products which will ultimately boost your Shopify sales.

Some of the most used payment options that a business can provide on their Mobile app are:

  1. All prominent Credit & Debit Cards
  2. Internet Banking
  3. PayPal & Apple Pay
  4. UPI Payments like Google Pay, BHIM UPI, PhonePe& more
  5. Gift Cards
  6. Mobile Wallets

Businesses like Shopify stores can easily create a custom Shopify mobile app with the help of an easy-to-use mobile app builder called Storifi. Use its powerful features like drag & drop, unlimited editing & real-time preview to create a personalized Shopify app within minutes.

One Click Purchasing – An Effective Feature to Increase Shopify sales

Most people shop via mobile apps since they are easy-to-use & offer a gamut of benefits. However, the purchasing process is quite cumbersome & can make the customers weary.

But, businesses can streamline the entire product purchasing & checkout process with the help of the One click purchasing feature. A mobile shopper has to search for a particular product & add it to the cart. Then he needs to open the cart & fill out his/her details like billing & shipping information as well as contact details i.e. phone number & email address.

This entire ordeal can be skipped with one-click ordering:

  • Prompt customers to enter their details while they create a new account via your Shopify mobile app.
  • They can add their contact, shipping & billing information.
  • Let customers choose the default check-out process so that they don’t have to enter all the details again & again.
  • Businesses can also enable customers to add multiple addresses & preferred payment options so that they can simply click on a particular address & check out quickly.

With the One-click purchasing feature, customers can seamlessly check out within a matter of seconds. This leads to quick purchases which will ultimately result in maximized Shopify sales.

Customer Referral Program – A Great Way to Attract Customers

One of the prominent mobile app benefits is its portability & ease of use. Many online businesses have already tried their hands on providing a lucrative customer referral scheme or a customer loyalty program. But, doing a customer referral via a website is a complicated process.

This is where a Shopify Mobile App can transform the referral experience. Existing customers need to be provided with some sort of benefit so that they can refer your Shopify store to others. This can be in the form of gift cards, cashback or discounts.

Since promoting your app via a mobile app is free & simple, customers can readily hop on the referral bandwagon. This results in enhanced brand visibility & awareness.

By providing a customer loyalty program via a mobile app, you can nudge the existing & new customers to stick to your brand while you offer them additional benefits & exciting deals. As more customers start using your custom mobile app, you will witness boosted Shopify sales & excellent revenue generation.

Businesses can also leverage a mobile app builder for Shopify to create world-class mobile apps for their Shopify store& use it to drive sales and business growth.

Amazing Customer Service– One of The Best Tips to Increase Sales

A custom Shopify Mobile app can help businesses to provide excellent customer service.

A Few mobile app benefits that businesses can leverage:

  • Seamless order tracking
  • Notifications to let customers know that their product has been dispatched/shipped.
  • Quick query resolutions
  • Live chat with a customer representative
  • Customers can easily start a support ticket or lodge their complaint about any discrepancies in the product or delivery procedures.
  • Easy returns with the help of an in-app QR code label.

These exciting advantages of a mobile app for Shopify can nudge customers to stick to your brand since you provide valuable customer service. Naturally, the Shopify Sales will skyrocket & you can scale your business to gain more audience.

These are a few ways to boost Shopify Sales with a custom mobile app. Businesses can also take advantage of a powerful Shopify mobile app builder called Storifi. With its amazing DIY features like drag & drop, unlimited editing, real-time preview, customer & order management and many more, even an amateur can create a professional mobile app for Shopify.

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