How to Create an Ecommerce App

Nowadays, No-Code Platforms are gaining prominence among various industries including the Ecommerce industry.  But, what is an Ecommerce Mobile App? How can it benefit my Ecommerce business? How can you build an Ecommerce app without coding in 2021? If you have questions like these, then read on to find out!

What is an Ecommerce Application?

Until a few years back, most of the business activities of eCommerce companies were conducted only through websites. These websites can be primarily accessed via desktops & laptops. With the advent of smartphones, people started accessing such websites through mobile devices. But, browsing websites on mobile phones is a cumbersome task & the UI/UX tends to be less optimized.

This is where an Ecommerce Application comes into the picture.

Basically, an Ecommerce App is a mobile application that lets users access any eCommerce businesses’ offerings i.e., products or services without opening any mobile browser.

Brick & Mortar stores as well as online Ecommerce stores can seamlessly leverage eCommerce Mobile Applications to tap into the huge mobile userbase for improved sales & higher revenue.

Why Should You Build an Ecommerce App in 2021?

Many leading reports & studies suggest that people are more inclined to buying & using mobile devices for a variety of needs that include shopping for products via eCommerce apps. The COVID-19 pandemic has been a contributing factor in terms of accelerated adoption of Ecommerce Mobile Apps.

Here are some benefits that might nudge you to build an Ecommerce application for your business:

  • Mobile Apps tend to be faster

Compare the speeds of opening an eCommerce website & an Ecommerce Mobile App.

For an Ecommerce website – You need to open a browser, type in the website name & wait for it to load.

For an Ecommerce App – All you need to do is tap on the application icon on your smartphone & start using it to browse your favorite products.

Apart from that, the performance of mobile apps is much better as compared to Ecommerce websites. Additionally, the data of mobile apps are locally stored which results in improved navigation & faster browsing speeds.

  • Ecommerce Apps foster Customer Loyalty

Building trust & good relationships with customers is a time taking process. In Ecommerce websites, all that the users do is browse for the products & buy them. However, in mobile apps, customers interact with your brand via live chat, push notifications, personalized content, social media posts & much more.

  • You Can Easily Offer Customized Content in Mobile Apps

One of the major advantages of mobile apps over Ecommerce websites is the ability to deliver personalized content to users. Business owners can leverage app analytics like product viewing times, mobile deep linking, user sessions, product favorites, purchasing behavior & other aspects of customer interests to seamlessly curate content. Customers love personalized content as it shows them that you value their association with your brand.

  • Improve Your Marketing & Promotional Activities

One of the fastest ways to notify your customers about your latest products or an upcoming sale is with the help of push notifications. What are those?

They are small yet effective pop-ups in your smartphone’s notification shade that show alerts. Since most people carry smartphones with them, they will readily click on your notification& might just buy the products!

  • Mobile Apps promote Higher User Engagement

Mobile apps enable you to seamlessly connect with your customers via personalized content, live chats, easy resolutions & immersive User experience. All of these aspects of an Ecommerce mobile application help you to enjoy higher customer engagement.

How to Create an Ecommerce App without Coding in 2021?

Building a Mobile App is pretty complicated if you go the coding way. However, technologies are evolving at a rapid rate & one of the innovations of this technological evolution is No-Code Platforms.

As the name implies, these no-code app development platforms enable you to seamlessly build an easy-to-use mobile app within minutes. You can enjoy other exciting features like Real-Time Preview, Unlimited Editing, Product Collections, Customization options and many more!

Simple Steps to Build an Ecommerce App with a No Code App Maker

  1. If you own an Ecommerce store like Shopify, then the first thing that you need to do is add a Shopify Mobile App Builder to your Sales Channel.
  2. After that, you can start building your mobile app by simply dragging & dropping design elements, widgets & product collection.
  3. Leverage customization options that include personalize the color scheme, adding brand logo, cart icon & menu section.
  4. Once you are done building the app, simply scan a QR code provided by the No-Code Platform to get a Real-Time Preview of your Shopify Mobile App.
  5. Unhappy with some design elements? Go back to the Mobile App Builder Dashboard & edit the elements.
  6. Satisfied with your mobile app? Submit a Publish Request & get your app published on Google Play Store or Apple App Store in a few business days.

These are some simple steps to build an eCommerce app in 2021 without coding. Want to build a Shopify Mobile App in minutes? Then head over to Storifi. It is an intuitive no-code platform that helps you to quickly build a Shopify Mobile App with the help of easy-to-use features.

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