Ecommerce Customer Experience

Positive customer experience is one of the most important things that any Ecommerce store strives to achieve.

Just imagine this, if your customers are happy & satisfied with the online experiences & products provided by you, then there is a high chance that they will engage with your business again & again. Why?

Because they love the positive customer experiences offered by your Ecommerce store. While there are a plethora of ways to offer an enhanced customer experience, an Ecommerce Mobile App remains one of the best ways to offer that amazing experience to all your customers.

An intuitive, feature-rich mobile application can be leveraged by Ecommerce ventures to seamlessly reach out to a myriad of customers via app stores and offer them a convenient shopping experience.

So, why are mobile apps important for Ecommerce businesses & how can they enhance customer experience? Read on to find out!

The Importance of Mobile Apps for E-Commerce

Ecommerce stores have been around for close to two decades & have simplified the way customers shop. Customers didn’t have to travel to shopping malls or local stores to buy their favorite products. Instead, all they had to do was open their desktop/laptop or their mobile browser to head over to the eCommerce store & buy products from their favorite brands from the comfort of their home.

All of this was good until mobile devices saw a boom. This resulted in accelerated mobile app development since various small & large organizations realized the immense potential of mobile applications.

Even Ecommerce ventures hopped on the bandwagon of developing mobile apps primarily because offering a mobile app meant that your brand can easily set up a virtual store in your customer’s smartphone. You can easily send push notifications about new product launches, upcoming sales, exciting deals, one-time discounts for unhappy customers & leverage abandoned checkouts to improve sales and drive business growth. In addition to that, there are other exciting benefits of Ecommerce Mobile App that have helped Ecommerce businesses in a myriad of ways.

This is why Mobile apps are very important for Ecommerce ventures who want to attract more customers, offer an exciting customer experience, effectively engage with users & improve their brand image. Are these reasons enough to convince Ecommerce stores to offer a mobile app for their users? Read on to know more!

How can an Ecommerce Mobile App Enhance User Experience?

Mobile apps offer Personalized User Experiences

Ecommerce mobile apps can offer a treasure trove of data to businesses. How?

Mobile apps have the ability to collect data about users’ interests, their favorite products, purchasing behavior, product browsing behaviors, number of app opening times in a day & other crucial data. This data provides valuable insights about each & every customer that uses your mobile application.

This data can be utilized by Ecommerce ventures to seamlessly offer curated experiences that include personalized product recommendations, tailored push notifications, one-time discounts & more!

In addition to that, such crucial data can be incorporated into your mobile app to offer tailored shopping experiences to each customer of your Ecommerce store with a single click.

So, customers no longer have to go onto a website & log in to actually enjoy personalized customer experiences. Instead, they can simply unlock their mobile device & open their favorite Ecommerce mobile app to get curated experiences in seconds.

In a single click, a user can be shown personalized products as per their interests, special offers & convenient payment methods to improve sales, revenue & business growth!

Convenience is one of the Biggest Benefits of Ecommerce Mobile App

In the earlier days, convenience was something that not everyone could afford. Be it the convenience of travel (by cars/trains/aeroplanes) or shopping from the convenience of a home.

However, nowadays, convenience has become a necessity that needs to be offered by almost every eCommerce business out there. If businesses don’t provide convenience, then there are high chances that they will lose out on customers, sales & eventually have to shut shop.

But mobile apps have transformed this notion completely. All that customers need to do is install a mobile app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store & start using it to purchase their favorite products.

Now, users don’t have to open their bulky desktops/laptops & open a browser to type in the Ecommerce store’s URL, login & then start browsing the products.

Mobile apps have revolutionized Ecommerce shopping experiences!


An Ecommerce Mobile app might not be considered a necessity by businesses. However, if brands want to offer memorable customer experiences then a mobile application is a must! Mobile applications have the potential to offer enhanced customer experience in a variety of ways that can not only attract users but retain existing ones, enhance sales & drive business growth.

Want to build a personalized mobile app for your Shopify Ecommerce store? Why not check out Storifi? It is a powerful Shopify Mobile App builder that offers intuitive features like drag & drop builder, unlimited editing, real-time preview & other features to simplify & accelerate Ecommerce mobile app development.

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