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E-Commerce Platforms like Amazon, Shopify, Squarespace & others are a big hit among budding startups as well as large enterprises. But with the rapid adoption of smartphones & mobile apps, businesses are slowly shifting their focus towards mCommerce to rake in more customers & increase the company’s revenue generation.

Mobile commerce or mCommerce is an advancement of eCommerce where people can use a simple mobile application to buy & sell goods or services. Due to the portability of mobile applications, consumers & buyers can do transactions virtually from almost any place.

These staggering mCommerce statistics speak for themselves:

  • 18 billion hours are spent on mobile commerce applications in 2018
  • Mobile payments are estimated to grow to USD 500 billion by 2020
  • Global mCommerce sales will make up for more than 52% of eCommerce Sales by 2021
  • By 2022, mobile payments will be the second most common payment after debit/credit cards

By looking at these numbers, it is evident that mobile applications & easy-to-use mobile app converters are here to stay. Shopify-based business owners & eCommerce startups can make use of these emerging technologies to grow their businesses to new heights. If you want to create a mobile app for your Shopify Store, then this is the right time! Read on to know about a few benefits of using a Mobile App Converter for your Shopify business.

You can personalize the design elements for your Shopify Store Business App

Designing an app is of paramount importance. When customers use your mobile app, the first thing that they come across is the design aesthetics. If you put in enough time & meticulously design an app, then customers will quickly like it & use it frequently. You can personalize a gamut of design elements like Themes, Colors, Brand Logos, Cart Icons, Menu Backgrounds & more.

Add an easy-to-navigate Menu Section

If you are planning to convert a website to mobile app software for Shopify, then you should consider adding a simplified menu section. Put yourself into customers’ shoes & look from their perspective. They might be occupied in their office work or engaged in other activities. If you add an easy-to-navigate menu section, you enable customers to seamlessly browse the products of your Shopify Store in a hassle-free manner. You can add a menu sidebar with relevant menu item sections. You can also personalize the customer experience by adding sections like collections, shopping cart & others.

Drive Customer Engagement with a Curated Push Notifications Section

Push notification is an alert that shows up on the screen of a smartphone. You can create & manage push notifications to let your customers know about the latest discounts & steal deals. You can customize each section of a push notification like its title, message details & product image. You can also schedule push notifications i.e coming soon deals so that customers are well-informed. This nudges customers to check your app driving user engagement & anticipation resulting in increased sales & brand visibility.

Reduce Marketing costs with Custom Shopify Store Mobile Apps

By introducing a mobile application for your Shopify business, you can easily reach your customers at a faster rate since smartphones are used by most people. You can also add social media accounts to your mobile app so that customers can interact with you. This also enables customers to easily share about your business on social media platforms which addresses your marketing concerns. The expenses that were supposed to be spent on preparing brochures, newsletters or sending text messages can be reduced. These extra resources can be used to improve your mobile store experience & products resulting in the maximum generation of revenue.

These are a few trailblazing benefits of using a Mobile App Converter to create your custom Shopify Store Mobile Application. You can use groundbreaking Mobile App builders like Storifi which lets you customize each section of your Shopify mobile app & publish them seamlessly to increase sales & revenue of your Shopify business.

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