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Building a mobile application for Shopify stores is the best decision that any Shopify merchant can take. Why?

Mobile apps act as a virtual store where your customers can visit it 24/7, check out a ton of products, add some of these products to their favorite list or purchase them in a few minutes.

Apart from these, mobile apps also offer excellent user experiences, blazing-fast browsing, one-click ordering, seamless order tracking, notifications about upcoming sales & Abandoned Checkout Notifications.

What are Abandoned Checkout Notifications?

You might remember the last time you went to a shopping mall or a local store to buy groceries or other essentials.

To carry those essentials, most people use a shopping cart or a handheld cart so that they can checkout all the items later. During shopping, people tend to put some items in the cart or remove the same to add other items.

The same thing happens when people are buying products from a Shopify store. However, instead of checking out with the products, customers tend to leave the cart which in turn impacts sales of a Shopify store.

This is where Abandoned Checkouts in Shopify Mobile App can make a difference.

This is a special feature that you can leverage in your mobile application that saves the data of customers who did not complete the purchase.

It shows all the data to the Shopify Merchant who then proceeds to send a curated notification to urge the customer to complete the purchase.

What benefits do these notifications entail? Read on to find out!

How can Abandoned Checkout Notifications help your Shopify Business?

Effectively Recover Lost Sale Opportunities

One of the most important benefits of Abandoned checkouts is the ability to retarget customers who abandoned their shopping carts.

Now, there might be several reasons which prompted the customers to leave their shopping cart some of which include:

·        An urgent phone call from family or office.

·        An urgent work commitment.

·        Adding products in the cart so that they can be purchased later.

·        Checkout is very slow.

·        Lack of security or trust symbols.

·        Hidden Charges

While you should definitely look into these issues & fix them as soon as possible, the fact remains that customers have abandoned their carts & you need to get in touch with them and convince them to complete the purchase.

Sending a normal push notification might do the trick but you won’t be able to add all the details of the pending purchase in that. This is where Abandoned checkouts can help you out.

Simply head over to the “Abandoned Checkouts” feature & you’ll find out a list of people who did not complete the purchase. Click on any one of them & send a personalized notification to effectively recover a lost sale opportunity!

Send Curated Notifications to Attract Customers

While sending an abandoned checkout notification is a great way to recover lost sales, do note that as discussed in the first point, a customer might not be happy due to hidden charges, extra shipping fee, bad UI/UX or other reasons.

So, you need to put in some efforts to convince your customer into completing the purchase.

This is where your writing skills can come in handy. Try to personalize the notification so that customers will understand that you value their association with you. Address them by their first name & let them know that the product that they were willing to purchase can solve their needs.  Try to keep the notification short & crispy. Otherwise, a long notification can further disinterest the customer in your products.

Add One-Time Discounts to Sweeten the Deal

This is one common strategy that many Ecommerce stores are leveraging as a quick way to retarget lost sales.

All you need to do is add a discount coupon, a one-time deal or a voucher in your abandoned checkout notification which the customer can avail to get the products at a discounted rate.

This not only lures your customer into completing the purchase but also helps you to effectively carry out abandoned cart recovery of your Shopify store.

Improve Customer Retention Rate of your Shopify Store

Abandoned Shopify Cart is something that affects almost every Shopify store out there. It leads to a bad brand image, lost sales & lost customers.

While most businesses focus on attracting new customers, it is the existing & loyal customers who actually contribute to your businesses’ revenue.

So, imagine if your existing clients leave their shopping carts or your store because of a bad UI/UX, slow checkout process, lack of trust symbols or introduction of extra shipping charges. The losses would surely dent your revenue.

This is where Abandoned Checkouts can help your business effectively retain your customers.

By sending curated notifications, you let your existing customers know that you value their business with you & want them to continue the same for years to come. You can also add one-time discounts or a complementary free product to sweeten the deal and retain your customers!

These are a few ways through which you can easily recover abandoned carts with the help of abandoned checkouts. Want to build a Shopify mobile app that offers abandoned checkout notifications, real-time/scheduled push notifications, intuitive UI/UX & more? Then head over to Storifi & avail their free plan to build a Shopify mobile application in minutes. Satisfied with the app & want extra features? Opt for a premium plan that provides more design elements, exciting features & more!

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