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Enjoy Improved Product Viewing Times

Customers use mobile apps frequently. You can grab their attention with personalized product collections to increase product browsing & viewing times with a Shopify Mobile Application.

Make Full Use of Push Notifications

Personalized push notifications can go a long way in attracting customers to your Shopify Mobile App. You can also alert customers about upcoming flash sales, deals & discounts.

Ensure Faster Checkouts

Your Shopify Mobile Application can save basic customer details like name, contact number & others to speed up the checkout experience.

Personalize the User Experience

Take advantage of insights into customer data to personalize content, product recommendations & more!

Improved Sales & Revenue

A personalized user experience seamlessly translates to lower cart abandonment rates, a greater number of purchases & excellent revenue for your Health & Beauty Shopify store.

Build a Loyal Customer Base

Customers stick to brands that they can relate to! The personalized user experience offered by your Shopify Mobile App can easily improve customer loyalty to your brand.


Other Use Cases​


Supercharge your Consumer Electronics eCommerce Store with Storifi.

Home & Garden

Market your Home & Garden Products with a personalized Shopify Mobile Application.

Food & Drink

Take your Food & Drink eCommerce store to greater heights with a Shopify Mobile App.


Efficiently manage marketing activities of your Furniture-based Shopify Store.

Health & Beauty

Personalize your Shopify Mobile App to attract more customers to your Health & Beauty eCommerce business.

Jewelry & Accessories

Add a plethora of product collections to drive user engagement, sales & revenue.

Art & Photography

Showcase your talent & products to gain a loyal customer base for your Art & Photography eCommerce store.

Clothing & Fashion

Drive your Clothing & Fashion Shopify store with a feature-rich Shopify Mobile App.

Sports & Recreation

Drive your Sports & Recreation Shopify Store with an easy-to-use Mobile Application.

Toys & Games

Improve sales & revenue of your Toys & Games Shopify business with a powerful mobile application.

Customers reviews

Storifi has helped me to quickly develop & deploy an easy-to-use Shopify Mobile Application for my Shopify Store.
Sarah Stone
I never knew that building a Shopify Mobile Application was this easy! Thankyou Storifi
Anthony Thomas
I was able to build a beautiful Shopify Mobile Application in less than 10 minutes! Kudos to the Storifi team for bringing such a useful mobile app builder to the fore.
Mark Miller

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