Benefits of Keeping Your Shopify StoreCustomers Engaged

Ecommerce ventures like Shopify stores often look for ways to design & deliver excellent customer experiences that result in a greater number of engaged customers.

It isn’t easy for Shopify merchants to achieve excellent customer engagement overnight. They need to develop a variety of customer engagement strategies, test each one & analyze the results and then use the best strategy that leads to higher customer engagement.

But, as many great leaders and motivational speakers say:

You need to focus on the “WHAT” and the “WHY”.

What is Customer Engagement?

To put it simply, Customer engagement refers to the extent of the relation between your brand and the customer. There are 4 types of customer engagement namely:

  • Active Engagement –These are the customers that actively engage and communicate with your brand via feedbacks, reviews, suggestions so on and so forth.
  • Emotional Engagement – As the name implies, this engagement refers to the emotions that are generated when customers view your brand. This happens through the values that your brand disseminates, the trustworthiness and discourse with your customers.
  • Ethical Engagement –This type of engagement has emerged only a few years back and deals with the way your brand treats the customers, its employees and other stakeholders.
  • Rational Engagement – This applies to your customer when they are purchasing a particular product from your eCommerce mobile application or online store. You can improve the rational engagement by clearly showcasing all the details about your product, reviews and social proof.

You already know what customer engagement is all about. But do you know the benefits it entails? Read on to know some key benefits of keeping your Shopify customers engaged as this will help you to develop the right kind of customer engagement strategies.

Top Benefits of Keeping Your Shopify Customers Engaged

Excellent Customer Retention

Customer retention is something that almost every eCommerce store aims for. To put it simply customer retention is all about making your new and old customers stay with your brand.

Retaining customers isn’t easy. But, if you master it then you can easily get some amazing revenue from your Shopify store each month.

A key factor to achieving excellent customer retention rates is customer engagement. As mentioned earlier, to achieve excellent customer engagement rates, you need to deploy interactive customer engagement strategies. Once you achieve this, more and more customers will want to stay with your brand as you have got the features that your customers want.

Take Facebook for example. Customers usually complain about new features that replace the old ones but they are already hooked to the website/mobile application due to the top-notch customer engagement strategies that Facebook has deployed.

Customers will Stick to “YOUR” Brand!

As mentioned earlier, a higher customer engagement rate means more customers who want to stick to your Shopify store because you offer something that others don’t.

So, what customers do when they see such brands is that they go out of the way to purchase products or avail services from your brand instead of going for others. Why?

Your Shopify mobile application or online store offers better products, intuitive experiences, seamless checkout, guest checkout and other amazing features. So, why wouldn’t anyone want to stick to your brand?

If you want more customers to stay loyal to your brand then you can go the extra mile and use a Shopify App Maker to build a personalized mobile application. Offer it to your customers since most people are using smartphones and mobile applications on a day-to-day basis.

By providing a mobile application, you are basically setting up an exclusive virtual store on your customer’s mobile devices. Now, leverage various types of crucial data like customer analytics, purchasing behavior, product viewing times, wish lists, favorites and much more to curate customer experiences and improve engagement.

You might not have to do any marketing at all

You must’ve come across Referral offers provided by leading eCommerce brands and businesses. It’s where brands offer special discounts, coupon codes and cashback to people who refer their business to new products.

But, with excellent customer engagement, you don’t have to nudge your customers for referrals. Because customers are hooked to your brand, they will refer your Shopify eCommerce store to their friends, family and colleagues without expecting anything in return. The same principle applies to the word of mouth marketing.

Customers will look beyond the price tag

When you’ve established a long-lasting relationship with your customer, you will see that more of your customers will look beyond the price tag. That is because your products boast of excellent quality and your business exudes value when compared to other competitors.

These are a few amazing benefits of keeping your Shopify customers engaged. You can click here to know about some exciting customer engagement strategies that you can deploy in your Shopify Store/Mobile Application.

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