Ecommerce Apps Vs Mobile Website

Many Ecommerce business owners are contemplating on whether to build a mobile application or an Ecommerce mobile website. Both provide immense value, but it is an Ecommerce Mobile App that can benefit your business. Why? Read on to find out!

Ecommerce Apps Vs Mobile Website – Which One is Better?

Here are some prominent differences between an Ecommerce Mobile App & an Ecommerce Mobile Website which will nudge you to build a mobile app for your Ecommerce business.

Speedy Performance of a Mobile Application

Who wouldn’t want to buy products with a few simple clicks? You might argue saying that mobile websites are identical to mobile apps.

However, one distinctive feature between them is the performance or the loading speeds of a particular page. Unless & until you have a good internet connection, you won’t be able to load the mobile website page properly. If this happens, then your customers will surely switch to your competitor since they offer a faster loading experience.

That is why you should opt for an eCommerce mobile application. Why?

First of all, a mobile app leverages various features of your smartphone. This helps the user to get a personalized experience. Apart from that, mobile apps tend to load product pages faster than mobile websites. Apart from that, you can save your favorite products in a Wishlist or save a product in your cart for future purchases. All of these aspects cannot be easily achieved on a mobile website.

Excellent Personalization Potential

Now, you might say that customizations can be done for both a mobile application & a mobile website. So, how does the former have an advantage over the latter?

Well, here’s the thing –An Ecommerce Mobile Application boasts of excellent personalization potential as compared to an Ecommerce Mobile Website. How?

You enable the user to have your virtual Ecommerce store on their mobile device. This lets users easily login or open your app to check out their favorite products & order anything with a few simple clicks. You can easily customize various design elements of your mobile app to attract your users

On the other hand, users need to open a web browser on their mobile device i.e., Google Chrome, type in your website name, wait for the page to load & then start browsing the products. In addition to that, even though you customize the design elements, a buggy mobile website coupled with slow loading speeds will hamper the user experience.

Note: You can easily send customized Push Notifications to direct customers towards a particular product page. The same can’t be done on a mobile website.

Leverage Customized Push Notifications

By now, you might’ve noticed that an easy-to-use eCommerce mobile application enables you to leverage customized push notifications.

So, if you want to announce a new sale or launch a new set of products, then you can easily notify thousands of your customers with a simple yet attractive push notification. You can easily customize its title, the description & also add a product image/link. After your customer clicks on the notification, they will be directly taken to that particular product page or discount page.

Take advantage of App Store Presence

Millions of people own & use smartphones for a variety of day-to-day activities. Where do they get these mobile apps from? App Stores: Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

If you intend on developing a mobile application for your eCommerce business then you are going in the right direction. Why?

After developing it, you can publish your app on the app store & get to attract thousands of app store visitors. Once they download the app, your personalized app design & user experience will nudge new users to get your products!

A Win-Win situation for You & Your Customer!

Reduced Costs

Although developing a mobile app is cost-intensive, there are many no-code platforms that are helping even laymen to build easy-to-use-mobile apps. But that’s not all! Investing in mobile app development will help you to get double the returns as your app will quickly attract many people!

Conclusion: Ecommerce App Vs Website (Mobile)

It is obvious that an eCommerce mobile application is far more superior in almost every scenario. There it would be better if you opt for an Ecommerce mobile app.

If you are planning to build a mobile app & have zero coding experience, then you should check out Storifi. It is an easy-to-use No-code mobile app development platform that enables you to build an attractive mobile app for your Shopify store in a few minutes!

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