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Ecommerce businesses are increasingly leveraging websites & mobile apps to boost their sales & revenue. But which one is better? E-commerce sites or Mobile Apps? Let’s find out!

Customers Love Mobile Applications

It is a known fact that almost 80 to 90% of the urban population on smartphones. Mobile phone makers are pushing out new smartphone models every month. This generates anticipation and increases customer interest to own a smartphone.

What do most people do on a smartphone? It’s pretty simple, use mobile apps. They use it to make calls and send text messages. But even these basic tasks have been taken over by mobile apps like WhatsApp and telegram. So, as you can see mobile apps can be used for a variety of reasons.

Similarly, e-commerce stores are leveraging mobile apps to establish direct communication with customers. To be honest, they are succeeding in doing so. How?

Push notifications, product collections, recommendations based on products viewed & mobile deep linking are helping e-commerce businesses to improve customer engagement. This was not possible with traditional e-commerce websites.

That is the very reason why customers love mobile apps. They are easy to use, easy to navigate and act as a virtual store where customers can easily get in to view their favorite products whenever they want. If they like them, they’ll purchase them. It’s that easy!

Mobile Apps will Grow in the Coming Days

Technological advancements are making mobile apps easier to use. Technologies like AR & VR, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science are making user experiences more enjoyable.

E-commerce stores are able to understand what a customer likes and doesn’t like with the help of analytics. They are even able to get insights into product viewing times. In simple terms, one product might be getting more views than the other. This data is then used to improve marketing activities and direct customers to that particular product page with the help of push notifications & mobile deep linking.

E-commerce businesses can easily integrate multiple payment options into the mobile app. This helps customers to seamlessly complete transactions which result in reduced cart abandonment rates. If you own an off-line e-commerce store then you can also improve in-store experiences. How?

App-based barcode scanners, easy payment options like Apple pay and digital catalogs help customers make an informed decision before their purchase. All of these advantages point out the fact that mobile apps will evolve in the days to come.

Customers tend to shop from websites too

Now you might wonder how’s that possible? Well, it depends from user to user. Although many people prefer mobile apps, there are those people who use a browser to search for products. Even if they are prompted to download a mobile app, they still want to check that product out on the mobile website.

Amazon, Best buy & Walmart are some of the ecommerce store examples which enable customers to view products on their website.

But here’s the catch: if the website is not responsive enough then it can lead to lost customers.

Therefore, e-commerce businesses should focus on building a responsive website that is easy to use and loads quickly. Owning a responsive website and an easy-to-use mobile app can prove to be a boon for your e-commerce business because you can get more customers from both the platforms. But if you falter in building an e-commerce website then it can hurt your business growth. So, you need to be careful while providing customers with an e-commerce website.

E-Commerce Sites or Mobile Apps: Which is best for Retail?

Well, it is tough to say that you should choose only one of them. The reason being they have their pros and cons.

It is an e-commerce website that acts as the first point of contact when a customer searches for a product but a mobile app makes the same customer a loyal client. This is because once a customer purchases from your store, you can easily nudge them to visit again. You can send email notifications requesting them to download your mobile. Once they do that you can leverage push notifications to attract customers with one-time discounts, flash sales, loyalty programs, rewards and more.

These will prompt customers to check out your products even more. Lucrative deals will certainly nudge them to make a purchase. This will result in improved revenue, excellent sales and enhanced business growth.

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