Need a Shopify Store Mobile App?

The ECommerce industry has been on a roll for the past 2 decades. But it is steadily being overtaken by mCommerce (Mobile Apps). Major eCommerce companies have understood the significance & benefits of switching to mobile apps. Even Shopify Store owners are leveraging mobile apps to attract customers & improve sales. So, let’s quickly look at some crucial reasons which will help us understand the need for a Shopify Store Mobile App.

Why is mCommerce on the Rise?

People are spending more than 90% of their time on smartphones. ECommerce is steadily being overtaken by mCommerce. That is why mobile is being considered as the major channel for shopping activities. 

Leading reports by BI Intelligence state that by 2020, mCommerce will reach a staggering market share of USD 284 Billion. This means almost 45% of eCommerce sales will be done via mobile devices (mobile apps/websites).

Isn’t a responsive mobile website sufficient?

One of the first & foremost solutions that an eCommerce store chooses is a mobile responsive website. It is an effective way to address the ever-changing customer behavior because some visit the website via a mobile device whereas others do it via desktop/laptop. Looks pretty convenient, right?

But here’s a grim fact – The percentage of customers visiting a mobile-friendly eCommerce website to browse/purchase products are just 15%. The rest of the people find mobile website UI boring & rigid.

Some cons of a mobile website are:

  • Slow loading times
  • Dependent on a fast & reliable internet connection
  • Little product information
  • Rigid UI/UX

This is where the need for converting a Shopify store to mobile app comes into the picture. However, developing a mobile app is challenging unless you opt for an easy-to-use mobile app builder for Shopify.

Do you really need a Shopify Mobile App?

  1. Are some of your products going unexplored?

Usually, eCommerce websites (desktop/mobile responsive) like Shopify face a hurdle when it comes to the browsing of products by users. So, online store owners generally adopt promotional strategies via social media & email marketing. But it has little effect.

Users tend to visit a desktop/mobile responsive specifically to buy a product. Apart from that, there is no other major use of a website. If you put in some efforts to build the best Shopify mobile app then it will help you address these challenges and nudge customers to browse more products which results in better app usage times & excellent sales. 

  1. Will a mobile app provide value to customers?

Most of the smartphone users have at least 1 or 2 retail apps installed on their device. Some percentage of these users have more than 5 apps of their preferred brands from where they shop frequently. With such cut-throat competition in place, you need to put in some real efforts to:

  • Analyze a consumer’s eCommerce journey
  • Put in some extra time to research current market trends
  • Conduct surveys to know whether a person would like to install your app

You must be completely sure about your decision to convert Shopify store to mobile app since it can make or break your business. 

  1. Stuttering Email Marketing Strategy?

Many eCommerce ventures leverage email marketing to promote their products, notify about current & upcoming offers, sales & discounts. But it’s done by most businesses these days.

A mobile app helps you to set your business apart from the rest of the competition. You can leverage one of its most amazing features called Push Notifications. It lets you readily send out an alert or a notification via the mobile app about an upcoming sale or a special one-time discount. When a customer clicks on the notification he/she is directly taken to the specific offer or a product page. Simple as that!

  1. Does your website offer personalized customer experience?

Leading reports state that more than 70% of customers prefer a brand which listens to their needs & offers a personalized experience. While eCommerce stores tend to offer some level of personalization via a mobile responsive website, it is the mobile app that takes the top honors when it comes to excellent customer experiences. You can seamlessly customize almost any feature & enable users to have an enjoyable experience on your Shopify mobile app.

  1. Is customer engagement getting difficult?

Let’s take a simple real-world example – A customer buys a product via your eCommerce store. Other than the usual communication i.e. order confirmation & tracking details via an email there is no other form of interaction with the particular customer. 

However, with a mobile app, you can seamlessly interact with your customers. Send out real-time alerts or nudge users to check out the latest collection of products via push notifications. A mobile app simplifies customer engagement!

These are some important reasons which can nudge you to build a mobile application for your Shopify Store. If you are planning to develop the best Shopify mobile app to attract customers & drive business growth, then you should check out Storifi. It is a powerful mobile app builder that lets even a layman build a world-class Shopify mobile app within minutes.

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