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Storifi enables you to design and fully customize your mobile app. Without any coding knowledge, you can design and update your app.

We provide you with an intuitive drag-and-drop app builder to design the app. With Storifi’s app builder you can easily customize designs, themes, icons, menu amongst others. 

Storifi Blocks 

With it’s drag-and-drop feature, Storifi allows you to customize a variety of features. You can design your layout and can check the updates real-time in the simulator. 

Custom Banner- Use this custom banner block on the app to show your most selling product and/or single product from your shop to boost your sales. 

Collection Carousel- Use this collection carousel block on the app section to show multiple collections from your shop in the carousel. 

Collection- Use this collection block to show products in a single collection in a grid view. For instance, you can show your top 4 selling products this season. 

Multiple Collection- Use this multiple collection to show all your different collections categories of your shop. 

Collection Horizontal- Use this block to show all products related to a single collection in the horizontal slide.

Themes Section

Storifi dashboard lets you customize the colors of your app’s primary, accent, and icon colors to match your brand. You can update global primary and secondary colors, menu backgrounds, brand logos, and cart icons as per your requirements. 

Menu Section

The menu section of your app helps your customers navigate your app easily and find exactly what they’re looking for. You can update your menu sidebar by adding menu item sections relevant to your app. You can add sections like Collections, Cart, About, Contact amongst other items. 

Push Notifications Section

Push notifications is a great way to directly engage with customers and improve your communication with them. A Push notification is an alert that pops up on the screen of a mobile device. You can compose, manage and schedule (Coming Soon) push notifications all within your Storifi dashboard.

Go to the Notifications tab on the dashboard to view the push notifications section. You can add push notification title, notification message details, and add a product image along with it. You can also check the real-time updates on how your notifications will look in the mobile simulator. Push notifications can be tested real-time in the test devices. 

App Listing Section 

In the app listing section, add information about your mobile app that will be displayed in the App Store(iOS and Android). After logging in to the dashboard, go to the App Listing tab to view this section. 

Now that you are done designing your app, learn how to preview your app, and request for publishing the same. 

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