Our feature-rich No Code Platform makes customer management easy! You can leverage an easy-to-use dashboard where crucial data like new & returning customers, abandoned checkouts, email subscribers & other information is provided. Use it to seamlessly manage the customers using your Shopify Mobile App.

An All-in-One Dashboard

Storifi makes customer management easy by providing an intuitive dashboard where you can see all the customer activity at a glance.


Easily Manage Your Customers

Check out each customer’s activity which includes the number of orders placed, their previous transactions and more.


Top Customers

You can also see those customers who have made the most number of purchases or those who generated the maximum revenue.

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Get all customer-related Information

Storifi’s customer management dashboard lets you check all the information about any customer which includes their names, contact details, addresses & more.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

By leveraging our Mobile E-Commerce App for Shopify Store, you can easily understand customer preferences, their purchasing habits & allied data. This data can then be leveraged to improve your products/services.

Better Marketing Strategies

You can enhance the efficiency of your marketing strategies by getting crucial insights about your customers & their purchasing behaviors.

Better Interaction with Customers

Storifi’s intuitive customer management dashboard helps you understand your customers better. You can then reach out to them to address any issues or challenges that they faced while shopping from your Shopify Mobile App.

Customers reviews

Storifi has helped me to quickly develop & deploy an easy-to-use Shopify Mobile Application for my Shopify Store.
Sarah Stone
I never knew that building a Shopify Mobile Application was this easy! Thankyou Storifi
Anthony Thomas
I was able to build a beautiful Shopify Mobile Application in less than 10 minutes! Kudos to the Storifi team for bringing such a useful mobile app builder to the fore.
Mark Miller

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