e-commerce sites or mobile apps
E-Commerce Sites or Mobile Apps: Which is Best for...

Ecommerce businesses are increasingly leveraging websites & mobile apps to boost their sales & revenue. But which one is better? E-commerce sites or Mobile Apps? Let’s find out! Customers Love Mobile Applications It is a known fact that almost 80

Shopify Mobile App
6 Reasons Why Your Online Store Needs a Shopify Mo...

Shopify is an amazing platform that enables eCommerce entrepreneurs to seamlessly sell their products without the help of any intermediary. If an online store offers this level of freedom, then why in the world do you need a mobile app

shopping cart abandonment
Tips to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment with a Sh...

Mobile Commerce is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. People prefer shopping on mobile apps as opposed to eCommerce websites. But one thing that is common in both is Shopping Cart Abandonment. This phenomenon is highly prevalent in

What is Mobile Commerce & Why Does It Matter
What is Mobile Commerce & Why Does It Matter?

The term “Commerce” has its roots in the Latin Word “Commercium” that means “merchandise together”. Commerce has come a long way since its inception from Local to Global trades. With the advent of innovative technologies, E-Commerce & Mobile Commerce came

Mobile Shopping Trends
5 Emerging Mobile Shopping Trends of 2021

Shopping via mobile apps is rapidly gaining traction among consumers due to its ease of use, enhanced experience & seamless payments. However, this was not the case a few years back. People had to go to physical stores to buy

No-Code Mobile App Builders
Why are No-Code Mobile App Builders Getting Popula...

A few years ago online eCommerce businesses were in the habit of developing mobile apps from the scratch that consisted of hiring skilled coders, extensive code-writing, long testing times & cumbersome publishing procedures. These comprehensive processes gave businesses nightmares. Why?

increase Shopify Conversions
5 Checkout Practices to increase Shopify Conversio...

Every Shopify store business wants to increase Shopify conversions to generate more revenue, improve brand reliability & provide a customized user experience. But, it is easier said than done. In a fast-paced world, customers want to do things quickly, whether

Advantages of Mobile Apps
9 Advantages of Mobile Apps over responsive eComme...

Ecommerce mobile applications are being preferred over responsive websites due to improved user experience, amazing UI/UX design, one-click ordering, faster loading times & other amazing features. Let’s look at 9 such amazing benefits of mobile applications over responsive eCommerce websites.

build a mobile app
Why should E-commerce Websites build a Mobile App ...

A mobile e commerce application helps online stores & businesses to connect users directly to their brand. This helps customers to readily check out your products & make purchases. Let’s look at some amazing benefits of eCommerce mobile apps &

Tips to Effectively Use a Shopify Mobile App for Your Business
Tips to Effectively Use a Shopify Mobile App for Y...

Running a Shopify business does tend to get challenging at times. But you can easily address those challenges by deciding to turn your Shopify store into an app. Mobile apps are a rage among the young and old. So, how

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