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Leverage Reviews for your Products

Turn customers into influencers with the help of their feedback/reviews about your Art & Photography products.

Showcase your Products Efficiently

Make the most of product collections, collection carousels & other features in your Shopify mobile application to display more of your products to customers.

Enjoy Better Conversions

An intuitive UI/UX coupled with tailored content for customers in the Shopify mobile application helps you to enjoy better conversions for your Art & Photography Shopify store.

Effectively Manage Your Orders

Storifi boasts of an all-inclusive order management dashboard which helps you to check all the details about your orders.

Increased Customer Loyalty

Brands are switching to mobile apps to cater to a variety of customers. By incorporating personalized content in your mobile app, you can garner a loyal user base for your Shopify eCommerce business.

Get Data-Rich Reports

Login to the Storifi dashboard to easily check out data-rich reports about cart abandonment rates, online store sessions, returning customer rates & more!


Other Use Cases


Supercharge your Consumer Electronics eCommerce Store with Storifi.

Home & Garden

Market your Home & Garden Products with a personalized Shopify Mobile Application.

Food & Drink

Take your Food & Drink eCommerce store to greater heights with a Shopify Mobile App.


Efficiently manage marketing activities of your Furniture-based Shopify Store.

Health & Beauty

Personalize your Shopify Mobile App to attract more customers to your Health & Beauty eCommerce business.

Jewelry & Accessories

Add a plethora of product collections to drive user engagement, sales & revenue.

Art & Photography

Showcase your talent & products to gain a loyal customer base for your Art & Photography eCommerce store.

Clothing & Fashion

Drive your Clothing & Fashion Shopify store with a feature-rich Shopify Mobile App.

Sports & Recreation

Drive your Sports & Recreation Shopify Store with an easy-to-use Mobile Application.

Toys & Games

Improve sales & revenue of your Toys & Games Shopify business with a powerful mobile application.

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