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The year 2020 will witness a meteoric rise in terms of Mobile Apps usage, downloads & the revenue generated by them. Reports state that people prefer shopping on mobile apps as compared to online or mobile websites.

Leading reports suggest that mobile application downloads will cross 400 billion & the income generated by such apps will be around USD 200 Billion. These staggering numbers have prompted many enterprises, eCommerce businesses & Shopify store owners to create mobile apps and reap the benefits of emerging mobile app trends in 2020.

If we look back a decade ago, mobile apps were just entering the market scene with little scope. But mobile app development & deployment has picked up a rapid pace in the past few years. All thanks to the advent of AI, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, No Code Platforms for mobile app building & other cutting-edge technologies. Read on to know about the amazing advantages of Shopify store based personalized mobile app.

Benefits of owning a Mobile App for your Shopify Store:

Preference of Customers:

Shopping analysts report that more than 60% of customers leave an online store if they do not like the user interface or the digital experience. Consumers are preferring Mobile app shopping as opposed to online shopping which was prevalent a few years back. Thus creating a Shopify store based mobile app for business will significantly increase your chances to target the customers who like to shop on mobile applications.

Customized Product Recommendations:

With the adoption of AI & ML technologies, mobile apps can seamlessly learn the tastes & preferences of shoppers resulting in personalized product suggestions. As customers carry their smartphones wherever they go, there is a high chance that they will check out the product. Thanks to seamless online payments via mobile apps customers can easily buy the product within a matter of minutes.

Push Notifications:

In-app push notifications are an effective way to increase sales and conversions with your personalized Shopify Android or iOS mobile application. Push-notifications boast of a 40% click-through rate which is an important factor in converting a customer to a potential buyer. If consumers are shown appropriate notifications based on their shopping habits, products bought & user engagement, then businesses can expect an increase in revenue by about 25%.

Flash Banners:

Smart banners & flash banners are two efficient methods to accelerate app installs as well as in-app purchases. By offering lucrative coupons, steal-deals & discounts via these banners, you can easily accelerate your Shopify store sales via a well-built mobile application.

Consumer Loyalty & App Promotion:

As consumers download your customized Shopify platform-based mobile app, they will interact with your business & its products. If it caters to their needs, then it is highly likely that they will stick to your Shopify mobile app while recommending it to their colleagues, friends & family. This will help your business reach a wider audience which ultimately leads to more sales & brand recognition. Thus, building & publishing a personalized mobile app for your Shopify store will empower your mCommerce business to gain a bigger audience, provide amazing customer experience while maximizing potential leads & sales. You can also use Storifi which is an exciting Mobile App Builder for Shopify Store that lets you curate each section of your app & seamlessly publish it to accelerate your business.

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