Advantages of Mobile Apps

Ecommerce mobile applications are being preferred over responsive websites due to improved user experience, amazing UI/UX design, one-click ordering, faster loading times & other amazing features. Let’s look at 9 such amazing benefits of mobile applications over responsive eCommerce websites.

9 Advantages of Mobile Apps over eCommerce Websites

  1. Mobile Apps are relatively faster

Here’s an interesting fact for you – A Mobile App is almost 1.5x faster than responsive eCommerce websites. This translates to faster product browsing & check out experiences.

In order to access an eCommerce website through your desktop/laptop/mobile, you need a good internet connection & a browser. If the internet speed is low or the browser is loaded with unnecessary junk, then it can result in slow loading times as the data needs to be fetched from the servers. This impacts the overall browsing experience. 

On the flip side, a mobile app stores its data locally. So, you just need a good internet connection & the rest is taken care of by your eCommerce mobile app. This usually results in faster loading times & an enhanced user experience.

  1. Seamless Online & Offline Access

An eCommerce mobile app acts as a virtual store which you can access with a single tap. The same cannot be said about a responsive eCommerce website as you need to search the website name & then access it. For this to happen, you need some sort of internet connectivity.

But there are many eCommerce mobile apps that let you browse products without the need for an internet connection. Typically, these mobile apps save data about the most viewed products & home screen so that you can still open the app and checkout your favorite products. This is one of the prominent benefits of mobile apps for users as the same cannot be done by a website.

  1. Tailored Content for Customers

Users prefer those brands that offer personalized content. This actually results in an immersive experience. You can easily achieve this with the help of a mobile app. How exactly?

Customer Analytics is the Answer!  Get insights into customer behavior, product view times, returning customer rate, sales by traffic source, store conversion rates & more with the help of the Customer Analytics Dashboard.  Leverage this crucial data to offer personalized content to your customers.  You can also enable customers to set their preferences for product recommendation & other parameters while browsing your mobile app so that they can be served tailored content.

These activities cannot be done on a website and even if you want to do it, you will have to spend a fortune!

  1. Leverages Features of the Mobile Device

A Mobile App can be coded in such a way that it can use the hardware capabilities of a smartphone.

For example, A Mobile Application can use:

  • Camera – To scan QR & Bar Codes, PDFs or leverage NFCs for payments.
  • GPS – To seamlessly connect with Maps for location-based services.
  • Fingerprint Scanner – To securely access the mobile app & for easy payments.
  • Accelerometer, Compass & Gyrometer for other App-Specific features.

All of these device features can help the user to seamlessly interact with the mobile app. Mobile Operating Systems like Android & iOS offer their distinctive features that can be easily leveraged by a mobile app to offer improved user experience.

  1. Customized Push Notifications

Push Notifications is a great feature that can be leveraged to notify customers about upcoming sales, deals, abandoned carts & relevant product recommendations.

You don’t need to use emails or text messages to separately notify customers about the aforementioned things.  Your mobile application takes care of it. You can easily promote your products or nudge customers with a one-time discount so that they can purchase your products. This results in improved sales & revenue.

  1. Improved Productivity & Reduced Costs

The backend systems that are used to manage your eCommerce mobile app can be easily leveraged by your vendors & employees. This nullifies misunderstandings in communications & improves employee productivity. Interactive reports, pie-charts & other data-based infographics can help you to understand about products that are selling more than others. You can use this data to promote such products via push notifications & mobile deep linking. Even marketing & advertising costs are reduced as you can easily carry out these activities in your mobile application. 

  1. Brand-Relevant Customizations

Customizing responsive eCommerce Websites is a challenge since the browsing experience depends on the browser. However, it is entirely different for a mobile application.

A mobile app can be easily designed as per your brand requirements. The design elements, color schemes & other aspects can be easily customized for a mobile app. You can also incorporate hold, pinch, drag, double-tap & other functions to streamline app navigation as well as user experience. 

  1. Customers Browse More Products in Mobile Apps

Why in the world would customers check out a greater number of products in a mobile app? It’s pretty simple. Seamless navigation, excellent UI/UX design, faster loading speeds & check out times as complete product information prompt customers to search for more products in mobile. In addition to that, relevant product collections & push notifications to generate customer interest which translates to improved product browsing & viewing times.

  1. Interactive Customer Engagement

You might’ve come across eCommerce mobile apps that encourage product/image sharing on social media platforms.  This feature is also offered by eCommerce websites but the user experience is much better when it comes to mobile apps.

You can easily share about the products that you just bought or refer your friends to sign up on an eCommerce mobile app for a one-time discount. It is obvious that you will get some reward points too when they sign-up. This enhances user engagement, attracts new customers & improves sales. These are 9 advantages of mobile apps over eCommerce websites. If you are planning to build a mobile app for your Shopify eCommerce store then you should check out Storifi. It is an amazing mobile app builder that can help you to build a Shopify Mobile App within minutes.

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