8 Best Checkout Practices to Improve Conversions & Revenue

Most of the cart abandonments happen at the checkout page. Hidden costs, unoptimized pages or lack of a guest checkout feature can seriously dent your E-Commerce/M-Commerce businesses’ conversions & revenue.

But, Fret not! Here is a list of 8 of the best strategies that you can leverage to improve the checkout process of your eCommerce Store/Mobile Application. These effective practices will enable you to seamlessly improve conversion rates & gain more revenue for your eCommerce business.


8 Checkout Practices to Improve Revenue & Conversions

   1. Leverage a Mobile App or Optimize for Mobile-Friendly

Most eCommerce businesses are realizing the benefits of providing an easy-to-use mobile app to their customers.

Mobile apps empower eCommerce businesses to seamlessly set up an exclusive virtual store on a customer’s mobile phone. But, that’s not all! You can also leverage customer analytics, location data, purchasing behavior, customer preferences & other important information to nudge customers into buying relevant products.

Incorporating a clean UI in your checkout screen is as easy as taking a walk in the park. All of these features in a mobile app make it one of the best choices if you want to improve conversion rates & revenue for your eCommerce business.

On the other hand, you can also optimize your eCommerce website for mobile users so that they can checkout with their favorite products.

More than 50% of online shopping is done on mobile devices. So, it is very important that you optimize the checkout page for mobile users or leverage an eCommerce mobile application.

2. Offer Guest Checkout to Improve Revenue

Almost every eCommerce business wants to onboard as many users as possible on their eCommerce website or mobile app with the help of account creation.

While it will help you to get recurring customers, the idea of sharing personal details discourages customers from creating an account on your eCommerce website/mobile app.

So, it would be beneficial if you offer a guest checkout for one-time buyers. If they like your services, then it is highly likely that they will come back to your website or mobile app to create an account & stick with your brand.

Pro-Tip: Always encourage customers by offering various sign-in options like Guest Sign-in or Social Media Sign-in.

3. Incorporate a Clean Design & Eliminate Distractions

An eCommerce Website or a Mobile App is an important tool that helps you to get your business up & running.  Therefore, you put in a lot of efforts & time to ensure that your customers have an amazing experience.

Every eCommerce businesses’ main goal is to get more sales & revenue. So naturally, you leverage a wide range of design elements & features to ensure a seamless checkout experience.

Make sure that once your customers reach the checkout page, they won’t have to see any unnecessary distractions. Instead, opt for a clean checkout page to speed up the checkout process.

The Result – Improved Conversions & Revenue!

Pro-Tip: You can leverage intuitive design elements, eye-catchy eCommerce cart design & other features to offer a clean & minimalistic checkout experience to your customers.

4. Provide a Wide Range of Payment Methods

Imagine this – you head over to an eCommerce website or a mobile app to check out some grooming products. You find a combo that is available at an excellent deal. So, you simply add the product to the cart & proceed to checkout.

But, wait a minute! You come across a limited number of payment options that don’t include the ones that you have (for ex: a wallet-based payment system)

You don’t have your card nearby and while you like the product, the chances are that you will abandon the cart & plan to buy it sometime later.

Did you get the point? You lost a potential sale!

So, the simple idea is to offer some common payment options so that customers can easily checkout with their favorite products.

5. Eliminate Hidden/Surprise Costs & Fees

Hidden/Surprise costs are a major obstacle for any customer. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes.

You want to buy an amazing product but you don’t see any extra costs on the product page. So, you happily add the product to the cart & proceed to checkout only to find out that you need to pay extra costs for shipping.

Sometimes these costs tend to be exorbitant which might discourage any customer from completing the transaction.

Instead, you can showcase all the costs on the product page itself. This will enable customers to decide on purchasing the product while checking it out!

This will result in lesser cart abandonment rates & improved conversions & revenue!

6. Avoid Asking for Unnecessary Information

We have already seen the importance of Guest Checkout & its impact on conversions & revenue.

The same principle applies here as well. You don’t want to bog down the customer with unnecessary questions like asking for their payment details, contact details, phone number or prompting them to create an account. If it is absolutely necessary, then you may ask for their email address as this will help you to contact the customer.

Interesting Fact: Asking customers questions or adding unnecessary steps in your mobile app or eCommerce website will consume the customer’s time. This will ruin the customer experience & create a bad impression about your eCommerce mobile app/website.

7. Take Advantage of Security Badges & Logos

Customers want visual cues that will tell them that your online store/mobile app is safe to browse & purchase from.

This will create a sense of safety among customers when it comes to credit card details & other personal information. If you don’t show these security logos or badges then chances are that customers will doubt your eCommerce website/mobile app. This will lead to reduced sales & more cart abandonments.

Pro-Tip: You can showcase security badges & logos in the bottom section of your eCommerce website/mobile app. Leverage the same logos during checkout to create a sense of confidence among customers.

8. Speed Up Registration with Social Sign-In

Many customers have social media accounts which they use daily. Offering a social media sign-in option for these customers will reduce the time of entering details like email, contact number & others while creating an account on your eCommerce website/mobile app.

With Social Media Sign-in, customers can quickly create an account & start browsing your products. This reduces unnecessary distractions & obstacles and improves the overall customer experience which most likely translates to improves sales & revenue.

These are 8 best checkout practices to improve conversion rates & revenue of your eCommerce store/Mobile Application. Want to create an easy-to-use mobile app for your Shopify Store? Why not head over to Storifi? It is an exciting No-Code Platform that doesn’t require you to code! All you need to do is drag & drop design elements, features & other components to seamlessly build your Shopify Mobile Application in minutes.

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