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Shopify is an amazing platform that enables eCommerce entrepreneurs to seamlessly sell their products without the help of any intermediary. If an online store offers this level of freedom, then why in the world do you need a mobile app for business continuity? Let’s find out!

Why Do I Need a Mobile App for My Business?

Research by leading analysts suggests that consumers in general choose brands that offer a holistic & personalized shopping experience. Only a mobile application can offer such level of personalization as compared to a full-fledged website or a mobile-responsive website.

Mobile apps offer excellent customization capabilities that can be leveraged by developers to offer a smooth browsing/shopping experience along with some highly personalized content. Another study has revealed users find apps more convenient when it comes to shopping for a particular product.

Mobile App or Mobile Website – Which Should You Choose?

Let’s clear the hullabaloo surrounding mobile responsive websites & mobile responsive websites. Both of them are great but it is the mobile app that takes the top spot when it comes to customer preference. Why?

One of the top-most reasons is the speed of browsing. Even on a mobile website, customers face the inconvenience of waiting for pages to load just to see/check out a product. This results in lower customer satisfaction.

Native mobile applications on the other hand offer blazing fast loading speeds and brilliant personalization capabilities which translate to excellent user experiences. This is why you need eCommerce mobile app for your online Shopify Store.

6 Reasons Why Your Online Store Needs a Shopify Mobile App

1. Only Using a Website Won’t do the trick

Online websites are slowly losing the race when it comes to traffic & conversion rates. People are more accustomed to shopping on a mobile app as compared to doing the same on an online website.

Almost 75% of people use their mobile devices just to search for anything online – be it for some information or about a particular product. But websites are very tricky when it comes to searching or purchasing a product.

On the other hand, a customized Shopify mobile application offers a better shopping experience thanks to readily available product descriptions and ease of comparing two or more products. That is why you need eCommerce mobile app for your Shopify store.

2. Enhanced Conversions & Sales

Even though you strive to offer a seamless checkout experience with the help of a mobile responsive website, it still gets very difficult to nudge a customer to complete the purchase. Imagine yourself browsing through troves of products & then you need to add one to the cart, fill in the contact details and other information just to complete the transaction. 

But with a Shopify mobile application, you can provide amazing features like one-click ordering, auto-save cart & more which will result in lower cart abandonment rates. This will automatically improve sales & help you to generate more revenue.

3. Higher Customer Retention Rates

A mobile app helps your Shopify store to personalize shopping experiences. An important aspect for your online store is customer retention. Higher customer retention rates result in better customer loyalty & seamless business continuity.

A Shopify mobile application readily helps you to not only retain customers but improve the user base. How?

  • A Shopify mobile app becomes the first point of contact for your customers
  • You can send customized push notifications about their pending purchases
  • Geo-fencing campaigns help your business to send notifications when your customer comes into any designated area which is relevant to your business.

4. A Brilliant Marketing Tool

Your mobile application is an extension of your online Shopify Store. It seamlessly reflects your brand image & you can leverage it to effectively communicate with customers when they need instant help and support.

Simply selling your merchandise online shouldn’t be the goal for online stores. They should focus on offering robust after-sales and superior marketing services. Those online stores which give such amazing offerings are given more importance & positive reviews by customers. You can also integrate mobile deep linking strategies to effectively showcase latest products or ongoing offers which will nudge customers to check out & eventually purchase your product.

5. Customers Prefer Mobile Apps

Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales witness humongous sales. More than 60% of these sales come via mobile apps.

If an average person spends 3-4 hours on mobile phones, 90% of his/her time is spent on mobile apps. The remaining 10% of the time is used to browse some mobile websites. This is a clear indication that customers would prefer a Shopify mobile app over an online/mobile website

6. Enhance your Brand Image

Promoting your products/services in the right aspects is what branding is all about. You showcase your businesses’ distinctiveness & offer some trailblazing products that are not offered by your competitors. Mobile apps seamlessly help online businesses to achieve this level of brand image as compared to other forms of promotional activities.

This is why you need a Shopify mobile app for business scalability which comprises attracting more customers, generating more sales & revenue which translates to excellent business growth.

If you are contemplating on building a robust Shopify mobile app for your online store, then you need to check out Storifi. It is an amazing mobile app builder for Shopify that lets you create an easy-to-use mobile app within minutes.

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