6 Major Reasons Why Shopify Stores Fail

While starting a Shopify Store might seem like an easy task, making sure that it grows in terms of sales & revenue is a tedious task. Many eCommerce businesses start out with hopes & dreams of making it big. However, all their dreams come tumbling down because of some silly yet significant reasons. Read on to know about them so that you don’t make the same mistakes with your Shopify Store!

6 Major Reasons Why Shopify Stores Fail

1. Choosing Bad Products for Your Shopify Store

Almost every eCommerce business features a wide range of products that customers can check out or buy according to their needs.

Customers expect quality products when they browse Shopify stores. However, if you choose the wrong type of products or bad-quality products then that might seriously dent the reliability of your Shopify eCommerce business. Initially, you might get some sales for your store, but as soon as your customers realize that the quality of your products is sub-par they will ask for refunds, replacements & might even leave negative reviews for your store.

All of these factors can result in your Shopify Stores demise. So, if you notice some of these issues in your store, then quickly act before it is too late!

2. Issues with Shipping

Let’s take a simple example: Your eCommerce store has recently received a flurry of orders. However, you have a hard time getting these orders shipped to your customers. Due to excessive workload, you might’ve accidentally skipped a few orders.

Now, those customers would obviously get restless about their orders. Giving them explanations wouldn’t necessarily pacify them. So, you need to leverage a robust order management application/software to make sure that you ship all the orders on time.

This will obviously improve the customer experience & reduce any complaints about your Shipping services.

3. The Quality of a Shopify Store is Low

Just imagine that you visit an eCommerce store to buy your favorite bag or a beautiful dress. But, as soon as the site loads you come across a lot of spelling mistakes, irregular icons& fonts. Let’s say that you ignore those & proceed to check out the products, but alas! You come across wrong product descriptions, missing product images &buggy add to cart function. Most people would leave the store due to the low quality of the shop.

Let’s assume that you still try to add the product to the cart and proceed to checkout only to find that there are no trust symbols, missing assurances of product shipping & hidden costs.

All of these characteristics can lead to the downfall of your Shopify store. So, always be on the lookout for errors in design elements & other issues that might hamper the user experience & fix them as soon as possible!

4. Customers Refrain from Coming Back to Your Store

If customers find a lack of products or don’t enjoy the user experience, then they will certainly stop coming to your Shopify store.

In addition to that, if you do not put in any efforts to retarget those customers then your Shopify Store Revenue will take a severe hit. Therefore, you need to be alert when it comes to abandoned checkouts or customers who stopped visiting your Shopify store to purchase your products.

Take ownership of any issues that your customer might’ve faced & offer one-time special discounts, freebies & loyalty programs so that you can attract those customers back to your Shopify Store.

5. Select a Wrong Niche for Your Shopify Store

One of the primary reasons for the failure of Shopify Stores is the wrong choice of Niche.

A niche simply means a specific field or domain. Your Shopify store basically offers products associated with this particular field. So, if you choose a niche that is not trending then your store will obviously receive less traffic &which translates to sub-par sales &Shopify Store Revenue.

Therefore, you must invest a considerable amount of time to research a niche that will work for you & give you dividends in the long term!

6. Not Offering a Shopify Mobile Application for Your Users

Almost 70-80% of eCommerce sales are completed on mobile devices. Therefore, it is only imperative that you offer a Shopify Mobile App to your customers so that they can effortlessly purchase their favorite products from the comfort of the home.

You can include beautiful design elements, fluid navigation, gesture-based controls, seamless checkout features & more to amplify the customer experience.

These are a few reasons why Shopify Stores fail. However, you can take note of these mistakes so that you may not commit the same on your Shopify Store.

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