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Planning to build native mobile app for your Shopify store, but confused about which way to go to build your first Shopify Mobile Application?

Fret not! Nowadays, there are a whole lot of options available at your disposal to build a mobile application as opposed to a few options available 5-6 years ago.

Imagine this, if you go back 5 or maybe 8 years back, you had only two options to build a mobile app:

  • To Build Android Mobile Apps you had to leverage Java
  • To Build iOS Mobile Apps you had to leverage Objective-C.

But, that’s not the case anymore! So, what other exciting option do you have to build your very own Shopify Mobile App? Read on to find out!

5 Ways to Build Native Mobile App for Shopify in 2021

1. Low-Code Platforms

If you are a seasoned app developer & want to build a Shopify app for your Shopify Store, then Low-Code Platforms are a perfect choice.

But, did you notice the initial requirement? You need to be an experienced mobile app developer to actually build a mobile app yourself. That rules out the majority of the population since not everyone learns or practices app development.

So, what’s the good part about Low-Code App development?

  • Well, for starters, the app development times are faster as compared to traditional app development processes.
  • You have the maximum level of flexibility while developing a mobile app using low-code platforms.
  • Instead of spending time writing code, you can utilize the time to make your app more intuitive to offer a rich customer experience.
  • Changes can be easily made there is little need for coding.
  • The costs of app development are less when compared to traditional app development.

2. RAD – Rapid App Development

Rapid App Development Platforms include a set of tools that you can leverage to build your Shopify Mobile Application.

You can find a ton of Rapid Application Development tools like Kony or Outsystems to seamlessly build your mobile application which boasts of an intuitive interface.

Most RAD platforms claim that you don’t have to be tech-savvy. However, if you want to incorporate additional features or do something out of the box, then you need to have some sort of technical expertise or hire a person who has the technical know-how.

To put it simply – You don’t have to learn to code. However, you need to know what you are building (from a technical point of view) to build your eCommerce mobile application.

So, why the name Rapid App Development? The idea is pretty simple – To accelerate Shopify app development& deployment!

Note: One of the disadvantages of RAD platforms which can become a deal-breaker for you is that you tend to get limited by the platform you choose. So, your app development flexibility depends on the platform that you choose.

3. Hybrid Mobile Apps

Hybrid app development generally leverages JavaScript (Web Technology) to build mobile applications.

Some of the prominent app development tools for building a hybrid app comprise Ionic, React Native, Titanium & Cordova.

So, what happens in Hybrid app development?

All you need to do is write the code for your Shopify Mobile App once &the apps will then work on multiple platforms i.e., both Android & iOS as well as any other platforms available out there.

But, there’s a catch – You need to know coding and app development. So, that means, you either have to be an app developer or hire one that will help you in building Shopify apps for your Shopify store.

But the good part is that you don’t need to be a seasoned developer (remember Low-Code Platforms?) Hybrid apps general require low-level coding knowledge that should include knowledge about JavaScript.

4. Cookie Cutter Mobile Apps

In this process, you leverage a cookie-cutter app builder like Andromo, BiznessApps or Appypie to seamlessly build your eCommerce mobile application.

So, what are cookie-cutter apps all about?

To put it simply, you build a Shopify App that often features just one set of features. If you want to change its look or features, then you can do so & then deploy the second iteration of your eCommerce mobile application.

What are the benefits of Cookie Cutter Apps?

  • These apps feature an intuitive user interface.
  • You can easily turn the settings off or on & configure the mobile app as per your business needs.
  • You can easily swap the text & images with your content to make the app more personalized.
  • If you want to deploy a mobile app quickly with fewer features then Cookie Cutter apps might be an ideal choice for you

The Downside of cookie-cutter apps – They offer low flexibility & as you can only incorporate a few features in your mobile application.

5. Storifi – A Powerful & Feature-Rich No-Code Platform

Storifi is an exciting No Code App Development Platform that enables you to build an easy-to-use Mobile App for your Shopify Store.

Why should you choose Storifi?

It offers powerful features like the Drag & Drop Builder, Real-Time Preview (For Testing Purposes or Quick Deployment), Seamless App Publishing, A Ton of Integrations, Unlimited Editing & many other features.

How can you benefit from Storifi?

Unlike the aforementioned app development platforms, you certainly don’t need any coding experience to build or design your Shopify Mobile Application. Apart from that, you can easily drag & drop design components, use themes & other customization options to personalize your mobile app & take advantage of Integrations to offer an excellent user experience to all your customers.

Storifi comes with a 14-day free trial & you can choose various plans as per your business needs. If you just want to build & publish a Shopify Mobile App for Android then the pricing is different. The same applies to iOS as well.

However, if you want to reach more customers then you can choose the combined plan where you can build & leverage mobile apps for both Android & iOS.

These are 5 ways that you can leverage Build a Shopify Mobile App in 2021. Keep in mind that each app development platform has its pros & cons. However, if you intend to build a mobile app as per your preferences & business needs then Storifi’s Shopify Mobile App Builder is the perfect choice for you!

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