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Gone are the days when simply launching a Shopify store will get you customers, sales & an improved brand image. Today’s Ecommerce industry has become saturated to such an extent that you need to do something innovative to stand out from the crowd. Otherwise, you’ll be lost in it.

But, is it sufficient to be innovative in your offerings? You also need to provide great value via personalized experiences & interactions in your Shopify Ecommerce store & mobile application. Why would want to do that?

With so much competition in the Ecommerce industry and almost everyone vying to get customer’s attention, it is important that you offer a wonderful customer experience.

With that being said, Ecommerce stores have been around for a long time and they did a pretty good job of offering intuitive user experiences. However, they are slowly being overtaken by mobile applications due to their ease-of-use & the ability to let you check out products anytime anywhere.

But even a Shopify Mobile App will falter to provide curated experiences if you don’t put in enough efforts to make it intuitive. Here are 5 tips that will enable you to reshape the entire mobile customer experience.

5 Tips to Offer a Better Mobile App Customer Experience

1. Don’t Simply Focus on Customer Centricity, Turn it into Action!

Ecommerce companies that want to stay competitive & relevant need to take customers into every decision. So, simply discussing customer centricity won’t do the trick. You need to put these discussions into action. But, how can you achieve this?

By providing access to customer data that lets your team take action on customer centricity instead of making guesses. Data from customer surveys, reviews, ratings, favorite items, past purchasing behavior etc. will help teams make customer-centric decisions that improve the brand image& improve customer experiences.

So, stop guessing & start leveraging insights from customer data and analytics to drive mobile customer experiences.

2. Know your Fans

There are customers & then there are fans. What’s the difference?

Normal customers simply use your mobile application, add products to their favourite list and if the product looks good enough, they’ll buy it.

Fans on the other hand subscribe to loyalty programs, follow each of your product updates, actively participate in polls/surveys & are ready to try out any products or features that your eCommerce store offers.

Once you identify our fans, you can easily collect valuable feedback via micro-surveys about particular instances of their journey with your brand, remind them about soon-to-expire vouchers and coupons via push notifications & do more.

Focus on your fans, keep them invested in your brand, let them know that you care about them & build unique offers that amplify the mobile experience.

3. Offer Personalized Experiences to your experiences

Personalized engagement not only increases the amount of time that users spend in your app but creates amazing customer experiences. According to a leading report, customers who actively engage with your brand via a mobile app are 4 times more likely to use your app even after 3 months!

With the right personalization strategies that comprise incorporating intuitive search & navigation, personalized content, product recommendations, location-based notifications, curated push notifications amongst others.

These will help you to effectively improve user engagement, create more fans for your brand & drive the mobile app customer experience!

4. Leverage Customer Feedback to Improve Product Roadmap

You might’ve seen many companies ask you for feedback after you purchase products from them. Normally this feedback is leveraged to improve & prioritize the product roadmap. However, most companies take feedback just for the sake of it.

Customer feedback activities such as in-app messages, polls, personalized push notifications can help your team to easily collect clear data points about various new products & features that need to be prioritized.

Customers expect brands to take feedback. This feedback contains important data that can act as an insurance policy for your product roadmap which eventually improves user experience.

5. Incorporate Convenient Mobile Shopping Experiences

Nowadays customers need convenience and whichever brand offers convenience they stick to it.

Shopify merchants are increasingly incorporating convenience in their Shopify Mobile Appby offering fluid user experiences, seamless checkouts, fast payments & zero hidden costs.

Ecommerce ventures like Shopify stores need to focus on convenience as it has become a “need-to-have” feature.

Want to build a mobile app for your eCommerce business like a Shopify Store? Then you should check out Storifi. It is a powerful no-code platform offering easy-to-use features like drag & drop builder, unlimited editing, real-time preview & more that simplify the entire mobile app development process for your Shopify store. Seamlessly deploy & leverage the app to effortlessly improve mobile app customer experiences!

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