Mobile Shopping Trends

Shopping via mobile apps is rapidly gaining traction among consumers due to its ease of use, enhanced experience & seamless payments. However, this was not the case a few years back.

People had to go to physical stores to buy products. With the advent of eCommerce, customers started using computers & laptops to browse websites & purchase products. But, this was not feasible for everyone. Computers are still costly & people need basic technical skills to operate it. In addition to that, if websites are not user-friendly, people find it even more difficult to check out the products & buy them.

On the other hand, technological advancements gave a much-needed impetus to mobile devices & app development. Leading mobile phone makers started making smartphones & companies like Apple and Google developed mobile operating systems for such phones. Amateur & Professional Third-party app developers started building apps that can be used by consumers for a variety of reasons like hotel & travel bookings, food ordering & cab service booking. But, one of the most exciting mobile commerce trends is shopping via mobile apps

Consumers are thronging mobile apps to purchase the latest clothes, fashion accessories, cutting-edge gadgets & many more products. Leading eCommerce Platforms & Budding startups are developing personalized apps so that customers can seamlessly check out their products & buy them in a hassle-free manner. Let us look at 5 emerging mobile online shopping trends 2021.

5 Exciting Mobile Shopping Trends of 2021

Mobile shopping is rapidly evolving. Mobile apps are also witnessing revolutionary changes that are helping consumers to shop for products seamlessly. Here are 5 trailblazing trends that are nudging shoppers to go mobile:

Chatbots for Mobile

Chatbots have been used by eCommerce websites to answer basic customer queries. However, this amazing technology is being incorporated into mobile applications to help mobile shoppers get instant answers to their queries. It uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to provide a conversational experience for consumers. Gone are the days, when you had to write lengthy emails or call the customer service to post your grievances. Simply use the Chatbot & witness quick solutions for your queries.

Seamless Image Recognition via Mobile

Image recognition apps have been recently introduced into the mobile ecosystem. A person just needs to take the image of a random product or the daily use products. The app then uses cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning to recognize the product & provide relevant products that are available on mobile shopping apps. People can then choose & buy an item that they like. Amazing isn’t it? You need to invest time in sifting through products, just click an image & purchase!

Hassle-free One-Click Ordering

One-click ordering as the name implies simply means that you just need to click once & boom! Your order is placed. This is one of the exciting trends that is emerging in mobile shopping app. Customers just need to enter their details in the mobile app & save them. So, the next time a person places an order, they need not enter their name, credit/debit card number along with expiration date, shipping address & other common details. More than 20% of shopping cart abandonments are due to the lengthy checkout process. Mobile apps can leverage the One-click ordering feature & save as well as generate lots of revenue.

Virtual & Augmented Reality via Mobile

An overwhelming advantage that physical stores possess is the ability to show products to customers who can then check it out & get a real-world feel. But, Mobile applications are not far behind. These high-end easy-to-use apps are leveraging Virtual & Augmented reality technology. This enables customers to check out the products & use them from the comfort of their home. Companies can save a ton of money & invest it in other productive works instead of using it for building more physical stores.

Social Media Shopping

Online Shopping platforms are heavily investing in Social media commerce. Companies leverage social media influencers to promote their products on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. Influencers are those people who have a loyal following on social media platforms. These people can post brand photos or images of products to promote them & create buzz. Followers can then check out the products or share them with their peers. This results in huge sales, improved brand visibility & reliability. Hence, Social media shopping is considered as the future of mobile commerce which is poised to grow at a rapid rate.

These are 5 amazing mobile shopping trends that will be common in 2021 & the years to come. Online Stores & budding eCommerce Startups who leverage the Shopify platform can take advantage of a simple Mobile App builder called Storifi to create personalized mobile apps which can help improve customer satisfaction & generate amazing revenues.

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