Customer Engagement Strategies

Customer Engagement is a hot topic for any business. Why?

Every brand wants its customers to stick to them rather than jumping to their competitors. They want their clients to interact with their business via Emails, Chats, Social Media Platforms & other platforms.

However, achieving a good customer engagement rate is not that easy. Various factors come into play like the quality of products/services, appeal of your website/mobile app, eye-catchy content, self-explanatory services & more. Therefore, optimizing all these aspects can lead to an improvement in interactions with your brand.

However, not every strategy works. So, what kind of proven tactics can you implement to increase customer engagement? Read on to find out!

What is Customer Engagement?

In simple terms, Customer engagement is all about the interactions that a customer has with a brand/business.These interactions can be done on websites, mobile app or through offline means i.e., meeting customers physically.

In today’s digital world, most businesses are looking to improve online customer engagement so that customers can stay loyal to the brand rather than going to competitors. Why?

Better Sales, Improved Revenue, Enhanced Brand Image & Accelerated Business Growth!

So, what are some proven strategies that businesses can leverage to seamlessly improve customer engagement? Read on to find out!

5 Top Customer Engagement Strategies That Actually Work

1. Understand Your Customers & their Journey

The first important point that you should keep in mind is that before developing a customer engagement strategy, you should know who your customers are & how they actually interact with your Ecommerce business.

An ideal way to achieve this is to “Map Your Customer Journey”. So, you discover bottlenecks, crucial touchpoints &all the challenges that a customer’s face. This will enable you to easily find out about your customer behavior, their needs &opportunitiesfor engagement.

On the other hand, you can also build customer personas or simply profiles. You can take advantage of customer analytics to build such profiles where you can get crucial insights into product viewing times, wish lists or favorite products, cart abandonment rates & more.

Building such personas can help you to effectively target new as well as existing customers & send them emails, text messages, in-app messages or personalized push notifications to increase customer engagement.

2. Focus on First-time Visitors

Most people judge a book by its cover. The same thing applies to Ecommerce businesses like Shopify Stores & Shopify Mobile Applications.

Customers don’t have a lot of spare time to check out all your products or dig up information about the reliability of your services. So, what should you do to fix this problem?

Design your Mobile App/Website for your Customers & not for yourself!

Ensure that your Shopify Ecommerce Website or Mobile App clearly communicates all the important aspects of your business i.e., information about products that you offer, sales events, new product launches, data privacy, shipping times & other details.

To put it simply – Tell them what you do & who you are.

This puts the customer at ease & nudges them to checkout your Ecommerce Mobile App/Website that ultimately results in improved customer engagement.

3. Provide Personalized Services

Who doesn’t like personalized services? Be it a Spa, a Restaurant or an Ecommerce Website/Mobile App – Everyone appreciates curated services.

Therefore, Personalization is one of the most important customer engagement strategies that brands can take advantage of.

Some prominent examples of personalized services for your Ecommerce website/mobile app could be

  • To send out curated push notifications that include their name, one-time discounts& other offers.
  • Send tracking details of the purchased products.
  • Greeting customers with their first name while chatting with them online.
  • Personalized product recommendations& more!

4. Effectively Leverage Analytics

Analytics is considered to be the backbone of a good customer engagement strategy. Why?

If we look at the first point, we discussed understanding the customers & knowing their journey. More than 90% of this task can be seamlessly achieved with the help of analytics.

These analytics may include product viewing times, favorite products among customers, returning customer rate, user sessions, deep linking statistics, cart abandonment rates, conversion rates & more.

These will provide crucial insights into your Ecommerce website/mobile app & help you to offer curated services to all of your customers. Tailed services obviously increase customer engagement, brand loyalty, sales & business growth.

5. Offer a Personalized Ecommerce Mobile App

Most customers are on mobile. So, providing an Ecommerce mobile application can certainly help you to increase customer engagement. How?

When compared to websites, mobile apps act as better communication tools due to the ability to send push notifications, offer personalized product recommendations& chat with customers seamlessly. Even abandoned checkouts can be easily converted with lucrative notifications & one-time discounts.

These are 5 Customer Engagement Strategies that yourbusinesses cantake advantage of to seamlessly improve customer engagement in your Ecommerce website & mobile application.

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