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Every Shopify store business wants to increase Shopify conversions to generate more revenue, improve brand reliability & provide a customized user experience.

But, it is easier said than done. In a fast-paced world, customers want to do things quickly, whether it is browsing for products or completing the checkout process.

This is why many Shopify stores are leveraging a mobile app so that customers can check out various products & purchase them from the comfort of their home. But there is a catch!

Although a mobile app is one of the best ways to increase Shopify sales, it is important to optimize the checkout process for maximum returns. This is where many businesses stumble.

But Fret not! For we are going to learn about 5 best checkout practices to increase conversion rate of customers with a Shopify Mobile App.

5 Checkout Practices to Increase Shopify Sales in a Mobile App

Developing a robust, yet easy-to-navigate checkout page can do wonders for your Shopify Mobile App.

Here are 5 effective checkout practices that you should incorporate in your mobile app for Shopify:

Clean Design with Minimal Distractions

A clean design is a great way to help customers feel comfortable about their purchase.

As we saw in the beginning, customers do not have enough time. So, it is important to keep the checkout process as smooth as possible to enable faster checkout.

So, instead of bogging down customers with distractions like ads, additional items, header & footer as well as menu buttons, prove a clean interface for a seamless checkout.

This results in an improved Shopify conversion rate as well as enhanced brand reliability.

You can leverage a powerful mobile app builder for Shopify called Storifi to design each & every element of your Shopify mobile app to provide a clean & intuitive user interface for customers.

Provide an array of Payment Options

This is where many online stores as well as mobile apps bite the dust. The reason?

These online businesses provide a limited amount of payment options. Sometimes these payment gateways are not used by a majority of customers.

This leads to increased cart abandonment & incomplete checkout resulting in huge losses for your business. But there is a solution!

You just need to provide the payment options that are most commonly used by customers like:

  • Credit & Debit Cards
  • Internet Banking
  • PayPal & other wallets
  • Google Pay, Venmo & many more

This will help customers to choose their preferred payment option & checkout with ease which ultimately helps you to increase conversions for your Shopify Store via a mobile app.

Eliminate Hidden costs to increase conversions

The practice of not revealing hidden fees & other costs during product selection by customers is done by a lot of online businesses. However, this can prove to be very harmful to your business. How?

  • Customers will feel that you are unnecessarily charging them
  • Hidden costs imply that your business isn’t trustworthy
  • It diminishes customer confidence in your brand

Displaying lower prices during product selection & showing high checkout prices will discourage customers from completing their purchase. 

But, if you remove such hidden prices & maintain transparency during the entire purchase time, then you can easily increase Shopify Conversions & gain more customers.

Use the Form Validation Notification

During check-out customers tend to make some mistakes while adding their details like name, email address, shipping address & others.

So providing a real-time form validation i.e. an automatic checker that highlights any particular field that is left out or incorrect information, can prove to be an excellent checkout practice for customers.

This will not only minimize errors but also lets customers know that you value their purchase. This can easily help you to improve your Shopify store sales by maximizing conversions.

Leverage the Auto-Save Cart Contents Feature

Suppose a customer is trying to make a purchase, but he has to leave the checkout process mid-way due to urgent work.

This is where an auto-save cart content feature comes into the picture. Your Shopify mobile app will seamlessly save customer’s products in the cart so that he/she can come back and complete the checkout seamlessly.

These are 5 checkout practices that you can incorporate in your Shopify Mobile App to increase Shopify conversions.

You can also leverage a powerful mobile app builder for Shopify called Storifi that lets you create amazing Shopify apps by using features like drag & drop, unlimited editing & real-time preview.

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