5 Top Sales Channel to Build Mobile Apps for your Shopify Store

Just set up your Shopify Store & want to build a Mobile App to get more customers? Or Already own a Shopify Store for the past few years & want to foray into the Mobile Commerce Scenario?

Whatever the case may be, you deserve the best when it comes to choosing a Shopify Mobile App Builder for your eCommerce businesses. So, here are 5 top-notch sales channels that you can leverage to build an intuitive mobile app for your Shopify Store.

5 Best Sales Channel to Build Mobile Apps for Shopify Store

1. Storifi – A Powerful yet Easy-to-Use Mobile App Builder

Storifi is an amazing No-Code Platform that empowers laymen & professional app developers to build a personalized Shopify Mobile App within minutes.

Storifi boasts of amazing features like:

Drag & Drop – This feature enables you to drag & drop design components to quickly build your mobile application.

Real-Time Preview – Storifi leverages a QR-code based scanner through which you can test your mobile application on your smartphone in Real-Time!

Unlimited Editing – If you find any errors or want to change the design of your app then you can easily come back to the drag & drop builder & make the needful changes.

Push Notifications Push Notifications are small yet effective alerts that are sent onto the customer’s smartphone. They nudge customers to checkout your mobile app for upcoming sales, one-time discounts, deals or to track your product that is shipped.

Integrations – Storifi offers a ton of integrations that you can leverage to offer a wonderful yet intuitive customer experience to all your users.

Customizations –The powerful No-Code Platform also boasts of various customizations like themes, primary/secondary/button color, brand logo uploads, cart & menu customizations.

Cart Abandonments – If your customers abandon the shopping cart then you leverage the Cart Abandonment Notification feature to notify customers about their pending purchase. This improves sales & revenue for your Shopify Store.

With Storifi, you can build native mobile applications for Android as well as iOS mobile devices. What’s more? A 14-day free trial, affordable pricing, seamless publishing & a robust support team help you to get your app live & running!

All of these exciting features & more make Storifi an amazing choice for every Shopify Store owner who wants to build Shopify Mobile Apps& use themto drive sales and business growth.

2. Drobile – Exciting Features for eCommerce Businesses

Turning your Shopify Store into a mobile application was considered to be a difficult task. But the emergence of No-Code Platforms like Storifi, Plobal&Jcurve ensured seamless app development in minutes.

Drobile is one such mobile app builder that helps you to build mobile apps for your Shopify Store. You can easily personalize the design from the login page to checkout, leverage push notifications to increase Shopify sales or reward your customers with the help of an exciting reward system.

Don’t forget to check out its custom analytics, multiple languages & currencies features if your brand intends to foray into global markets.

3. Vajro – Build Mobile Apps with Ease

Vajro offers a wide range of exciting features that can kickstart your Shopify Mobile App Development process.

Vajro offers close to 20 themes & also includes a theme builder so that you can personalize your mobile app as per business needs. You can leverage unlimited push notifications to get your customers hooked to your app or take advantage of the abandoned checkouts feature to improve sales & revenue for your Shopify store.

Apart from these features, you also get to recapture inactive users with eye-catchy campaigns. If your Shopify Store serves customers from various countries then you can limit the campaigns according to the locations. You can also leverage various marketing features like Social Media Ad Integration, Deep Linking, Reorder Functionality, Live Video Sale & more!

4. MobiApp – Promote Shopify Store with a Mobile App

MobiApp is an intuitive mobile app builder that offers a wide range of options when it comes to building a personalized Shopify Mobile Application.

This No-Code Platform offers a myriad of custom designs & layouts so that you can create a beguiling mobile app for your customers. MobiApp comes with a Product synchronization feature that enables you to update your app with new products or inform customers about products that are low in stock.

As usual, some of the other features are the unlimited push notifications, reward system, order & customer management which are found in most Shopify Mobile App platforms.

5. Apptuse – A Simple Shopify Mobile App Builder

Apptuse is one of the best Shopify apps if you are looking for a simple app mobile app builder.

Apptuse is a wonderful No-Code Platform that can be leveraged by almost anyone who owns a Shopify Store & wants to offer an intuitive mobile app to their customers.

The mobile app can easily work on all platforms & features a search function so that your customer can easily find out a product that they need. Apart from these, the app development platform offers push notifications, social media sharing options, favorite products & an advanced analytics suite.

These are the 5 Best Sales Channels that you can leverage to Build Mobile Apps for Shopify Store. Storifi continues to an excellent choice that offers affordable pricing, robust support, seamless publishing & an intuitive app building experience. If you are someone who doesn’t know how to code but still want to build an attractive Shopify Mobile App, then Storifi is an ideal choice for you it leverages the No-Code Platform to facilitate a seamless app building experience.

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