4 Proven Ways to Improve Shopify Conversion Rates

Many Shopify merchants launch their Shopify store hoping to nail those elusive sales from the first day itself. But what they forget to realize is that simply owning an Ecommerce store will not generate sales or revenue. You need to work hard on the user interface, provide personalized experiences, showcase eye-catchy products, offer an easy-to-use Shopify Mobile App and do a whole lot more to convert visitors into customers.

You might be thinking that this is a very tough task and most people would fail. But this is where you are mistaken. Look at these stats for a second:

  • Shopify stores comprise almost 11 percent of the total eCommerce market share.
  • More than 50% of Shopify stores enjoy repeat purchases.
  • Shopify businesses witness a 50% increase in online sales.
  • More than 79% of traffic to Shopify stores come from mobile

Shopify has set a lot of records in the Ecommerce industry and continues to do so. Therefore, it is not a matter of how tough conversion are. If you put in smart work, some efforts & time then your Ecommerce venture will certainly enjoy higher conversions and revenue.

Read on to know about 4 smart tips that will help you to improve Shopify conversions.

4 Ways to Skyrocket Shopify Conversions like never before!

1. Offer a Personalized Shopify Mobile App

Before you start thinking about how complex building a mobile application can be, look at some more stats that might convince you to build a mobile app:

  • Almost 70% of Shopify store’s orders come from mobile.
  • A whopping 80% of traffic to Shopify stores come from mobile.

See what’s happening here?

Customers find it easy & convenient to use a mobile device for shopping rather than opening their laptop/desktop.

But, building a mobile application is difficult. Isn’t it?

This is where Shopify Mobile App Builders come into the picture.

These app builders are essentially no-code platforms that let anyone build a beguiling mobile application with the help of powerful visual features such as drag & drop, unlimited editing, real-time preview & more.

There are many Shopify mobile application builders that you’ll come across in the Shopify App Store. You can add any one of these and start building your mobile app.

Important tip: Go for free Shopify Mobile App Builders that let you build, test & publish in app stores i.e., Google Playstore or Apple App Store. These platforms don’t require any credit card details and if you are satisfied with the functionality then you can always go for paid plans.

See your Shopify conversion rates touch new heights as more and more customers download, install and use your app to browse products and purchase them.

2. Incorporate High-Quality Product Images

Be it your Shopify Store or Mobile App, you need to use high-quality images. Why?

Take yourself as an example – You go to an eCommerce store/mobile app and check out the products. The first thing that you’ll do is to check the images. If the images are blurry then you’ll think that the website is sketchy and you’ll switch from there to another in a jiffy.

Most people do this. In addition to that, if there are no product descriptions or these descriptions are not up to the mark then they can generate a sense of unreliability in customers.

So, make it a point to get some high-quality images & incorporate them for each of your products. Make sure to compress the image without losing its quality so that you don’t impact the loading speeds.

Conversions will automatically happen when you put in some smart efforts!

3. Give Your Customers a Compelling Reason to Buy from You

Today’s customers are smart & conduct thorough research before they buy from any store.

What does this research include?

To check whether your store is authentic or not, check out customer reviews, social proof, trust symbols and other visible characteristics of your store.

Is that it? No!

Customers aren’t just there to buy from your store, they also want to know why should they buy from you instead of any competitor.

What makes your Shopify Store or Shopify Mobile App stand out from the rest of the crowd?

In order to take your Ecommerce business to greater heights, you need to identify some elements that are of value to customers. Once you find it out, work on it to make your store unique and one-of-a-kind.

Then witness more visitors and conversions pour in for your Ecommerce store!

4. One-Click Ordering and a Variety of Payment Options

You have offered an intuitive mobile app, added high-quality images, gave your customer a reason to buy from you. This might seem enough for most Ecommerce stores.

But all of this hard work (smart work too!) will go into vain if your customer is unable to have a seamless checkout experience.

This is where one-click ordering and offering a plethora of payment options can help you skyrocket your Shopify conversions. How?

One-click ordering as the name implies lets your customers save all their details like name, phone number, billing address, shipping address among others safely and securely. Whenever they want to purchase a product, they simply need to add the product to the cart, select all their shipping details at once and complete the checkout.

Offering different types of payment options can also help improve conversions as not everyone pays from a credit card. Some use a debit card, wallets, cashback vouchers or other forms of payment. When you give your customers lots of choices, you will obviously end up achieving more sales!

These are 4 ways to seamlessly increase your Shopify conversions. If you are wondering about free Shopify App Builders then simply head over to Storifi. It offers a completely free plan which includes unlimited customizations & you can also publish your mobile app on Google Play Store once a month. Want more features? You can always get a premium plan at a minimal cost to boost your Shopify business!

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