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Cart abandonment is a real issue that is affecting almost every eCommerce store out there. Online businesses like Shopify & WooCommerce stores continually look for ways to minimize abandonment during checkout so that they can improve their sales, conversions & revenue. Read on to know a few effective strategies that can help you streamline checkouts and grow your eCommerce store.

4 Checkout Strategies to Increase Conversions and Revenue

1. Offer a Mobile App or Mobile-friendly Website to Users

A lot of eCommerce ventures are recognizing the advantages of providing an intuitive mobile application to their users.

Mobile applications empower eCommerce businesses like Shopify stores to easily establish a personalized online portal on a consumer’s smartphone. In addition to that, can leverage a wide range of features such as location data, analytics, demographic preferences, product page viewing times, favorites list and other customer preferences. All this crucial data can not only help you curate user experiences but also enable you to streamline checkout processes.

And what happens if you simplify and accelerate and the checkout process?

  • Faster checkouts
  • Better Sales and
  • More Revenue!

Now, you might think that building a Shopify mobile app requires huge investments. Well, this is where you are mistaken.

Cutting-edge technologies such as low code and no code platforms are simplifying the entire process of mobile application development. You can easily find such intuitive mobile app builders in Shopify App Stores.

Choose those app builders that offer a truly free plan, test out the features and then build your mobile application. If you are satisfied with the design and other components, proceed to publish the application and start enjoying improved sales and revenue!

If you still want to stick to your eCommerce website ensure that you optimize all the pages of your online portal so that users can enjoy a seamless experience.

2. Don’t Forget to Add Trust-Inducing Logos & Security Badges

Addvisual cues to let your customers know that your eCommerce mobile application/website is a trusted and safe place for purchasing products.

This will not only develop a sense of safety amongst consumers (while purchasing products) but they will provide all the necessary details such as contact information, shipping & billing information and credit card details without any worries during the checkout. This enables you to fast track the checkout process and ensure that all your potential customers convert into sales which will obviously improve revenue!

3. Incorporate Guest Login to Accelerate Checkouts

This is perhaps one of the best eCommerce checkout best practices that many online stores are using to accelerate checkouts and boost revenue.

The idea behind this strategy is pretty simple. Instead of making your customers sign up or create an account on your eCommerce store first, let them first add their favorite products in the cart and then simply ask for their email id so that you can communicate all the shipment details to them. You can either ask for their email address or mobile number.

This simplifies and accelerates the entire checkout process which ensures that you don’t miss out on potential sales and revenue!

Later on, you can use the same email address or mobile number to connect with your customers, take feedback for your products and then nudge them to create an account for extra benefits like loyalty points, deals & discounts.

4. Provide a Plethora Payment Options

Payments are one area where you have to improve if you don’t offer a lot of payment options in your Ecommerce mobile application or website.

You can integrate payment options such as debit/credit card, apple pay wallet, PayPal and other popular payment options that are common in the area where you conduct your business.

Such flexible payment options ensure that you don’t miss out on sales. How?

Just imagine this – your customer added his/her favorite product into the cart and is about to checkout. Now if your store already has a variety of payment options, your customer can easily pay the amount and complete the checkout. However, if you just added the debit/credit card payment option then he/she will have to find the card, enter the details and then complete the checkout.  There are many times when a customer will get discouraged just because you haven’t added some convenient payment options. This will obviously result in lost sales and revenue.

So, make sure to follow these important checkout strategies if you want to drive conversions and improve revenue for your eCommerce businesses such as Shopify stores.

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